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The South Bay Sail & Power Squadron is located along the southern shores of San Diego Bay, Califorina. It serves the community of Chula Vista and the many boat marinas nestled around the bay. It bosts members from around the surrounding commuities in southern Californa, but also from Arizona..

South Bay Sail & Power Squadron

The South Bay Sail & Power Squadron was formed in 2009 in response to the needs of area boaters for boating safety education and to enhance their boating experience. In addition to specialized boating classes offered to its members, the Squadron offers boating safety classes to general public and in the local school system. If you are interested in an upcoming boating safety class contact the Squadron Education Officer, Edward Brunjes

Membership in USPS has many benefits. Fraternal, Education, Civic Service - we have it all! Our many benefits are a real plus!

2013 Squadron Officers
 Commander  Donald A. Johnson, AP
 Executive Officer  
 Educational Officer  M. Edward Brunjes, AP
 Administrative Officer  Susan O. Johnson, AP

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