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District 11 is a unit of United States Power Squadrons®.

District 11 is one of the 33 Districts which make up the United States Power Squadrons®, the world's largest non-profit, family oriented, recreational boating organization devoted to safe boating through education.  Our National Organization has thousands of enthusiastic members throughout the United States and Puerto Rico who provide public boating education courses to all current and prospective boaters.  Districts are made up of local squadrons in their regional areas.  District 11 is composed of six squadrons located in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania including: Erie, Kinzua and Mosquito Lake.

USPS squadrons, as part of their civic services, conduct boating courses for the general public.  In this regard, all seven squadrons of District 11 hold the America's Boating Course  (ABC3)® for the public throughout the year.  This course is designed to instruct recreational boaters in safe boat handling, and is approved by and meets certification requirements of all fifty states of the United States.  To meet the needs of those who would like to take a safe boating course but cannot attend scheduled classes, USPS offers the America's Boating Course  (ABC3)® online.  This course allows the public to receive instruction using a compact disk with their personal computer and a detailed instruction book.  Completion of the course requires the participant take a closed book proctored examination administered by a local USPS squadron.  For a course near you, call 1-888-367-8777 or click here.

A free 6 month membership in the United States Power Squadron comes with the successful completion of the America's Boating Course.

Many Districts and Squadrons have their own web sites. To visit any of these sites, and to learn more about the Power Squadron experience, use the links to the right.

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