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 In addition to the Advanced Core Classes and Electives, more than 20 self-study and video courses are available on a variety of subjects such as GPS, Radar, Oceanography, Boat Insurance and Navigational Astronomy.


  • Seamanship Grade: S
  • Piloting Grade: P
  • Advanced Piloting Grade: AP
  • Junior Navigator Grade: JN
  • Navigator Grade: N
  • Cruise Planning
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Instructor Qualification
  • Marine Electronics
  • Sail
  • Weather
USPS Supplemental Programs:
  • USPS Boating Course Video 
  • USPS Boating Course Kit 
  • Boat Pro Computer Program 
  • Amateur Radio 
  • Boat Insurance 
  • Calculators for Navigation 
  • Compass Adjusting 
  • Elements of Boat Design & Construction 
  • Global Positioning System 
  • Hand Tools 
  • Intro to Navigational Astronomy 
  • Introduction to Sailing 
  • Loran-C 
  • Marlinespike 
  • Skipper Saver 
  • Oceanography 
  • Predicted LOG Contest 
  • Preparation for Coast Guard Licensing 
  • Principles of Waterskiing Safety 
  • Radar 
  • Sight Reduction Methods 

Becoming a member of USPS requires passing a boating safety course taught by a local squadron and being sponsored by a squadron member. 

As additional public service, the USPS helps the National Ocean Service keep nautical charts accurate and save taxpayers millions of dollars each year by reporting chart corrections. The USPS also helps locate Geodetic survey marks and reports their condition together with any change in the directions needed to locate them. 

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