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The Basic Boating Course is designed to be useful to all boaters, from the fisherman in an outboard to the skipper in a family cruiser to the sailing enthusiast. All are subject to nautical rules and regulations. All should respect traditional courtesies of the sea. All are subject to the forces of nature. The course is meant to be of interest to the entire family, older children are welcome; we encourage your family to attend as a group. 

United States Power Squadrons® Basic Boating Course is contained in six chapters. The course is divided into two types of learning, In Class lectures plus reading assignments, and homework sections, not directly covered in the classroom setting. Each section of each chapter has homework questions at the end, used to test the Students retention of the information presented. 

Besides the Basic Boating Course, there are other Boating Safety Courses (Boat Smart ® and America's Boating Course ®) offered to the boating public.


Sections of the Basic Boating Course:

  1. Boat Handling and Elementary Seamanship Boat Types and Terms Registration Equipment
  2. Regulations and Safe Operation State and Local Boating Regulations
  3. Marlinespike
  4. Seamanship Weather
  5. Charts and Aids to Navigation
  6. Regional Boating
  7. Coastal Boating
  8. Great Lakes Boating
  9. Inland Boating and Intracoastal Waterway Boating
  10. Basic Navigation
  11. Engine Troubleshooting
  12. Piloting
  13. Sailing
  14. Navigation Rules and Marine Radiotelephone
  15. Trailer Boating


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