Welcome to District 22

District 22 is a unit of the United States Power Squadrons®, Sail and Power Boating, the world's largest non-profit boating organization. USPS is composed of over 400 squadrons nation wide and overseas. The squadrons are organized into districts, geographically associated, and District 22 is those located on the west coast of Florida.

USPS is dedicated to the promotion of boating safety through education. Each of our squadrons offers very comprehensive public boating education and you are invited to visit their individual websites or contact them to obtain up-to-date information for a course in your area.

The Squadrons which make up District 22 provide both public boat safety classes, and seminars to the boating community of Southwest Florida. Free Vessel Safety Inspections (VSC) are offered to boat owners to help them comply with the federal and state safety rules. This service is offered in partnership with the U. S. Coast Guard Axiliary and supported by Boat U.S.


Don't Miss Out on Safety and Travel Benefits

United States Power Squadrons, America's Boating Club, has partnered with DAN Boater to offer worldwide travel safety benefits for all current members and their families beginning in January 2020.

Get full details including updated opt-out information at danboater.org/abc.

We've pushed back the start date to give all members a chance to review their benefit status. To decline these benefits, primary active members should click the button below to log in to their Member Profile, scroll down to "Receive DAN Boater Benefits" and click "No."  To accept these free benefits, you don't need to do a thing. You and your family will receive valuable travel safety benefits from DAN Boater until your next dues renewal.

When renewing your annual membership online, you can choose to continue these valuable travel safety benefits as part of your individual or family membership for only $25 per year or decline them at checkout.

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