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District 26 is one of 31 districts within the United States Power Squadrons® (USPS) and serves as an intermediate level between the national organizaton and nearly 350 squadrons. The district organization is the nucleaus for group action by squadrons within its boundaries. Our 14 squadrons cover South Carolina (11 squadrons) and coastal Georgia (3 squadrons) where one of our squadrons, Savannah River Sail & Power Squadron, can claim both Georgia and South Carolina as the squadron encompasses both Augusta GA and Aiken SC that are across the Savannah River from one another. Our squadrons also include a new squadron - Dreher Shoals located on the south side of Lake Murray you can see on our map above. Click here to learn more about USPS and here to learn about the many benefits of membership. Click on the USPS logo to learn of its 100+ year history.

If you're really serious about having a fun time, join us. Take member courses, join your fellow members on a cruise and rendezvous, and participate in civic service activities. If you would like to have some real fun boating, learn how to become one of the 40,000 members of USPS and help spread the word. The Ensign is our national magazine.


Visit our Event Photo page to view photos from the 2019 Spring Conference. You can also view photos of other district activities from Cruises and Rendezvous to Conferences, and Changes of Watch. Lots to see. Photos from the 2019 Spring Conference courtesy of North Strand's Frank Pope.


Be informed! Check out the most recent editon of the 2021 026° True for the latest and greatest.

How about D26 Boating Activities? Check here to see if there is one near you that might interest you. This is a combined D26 Boating Activities chart. Wishing all safe boating.

We are "America's Boating Club"? Click here to learn more about America's Boating Club.


The pandemic continues to change our lives and schedules. Our District 26 Spring Conference was successfully conducted as a "Virtual Event" 13 March. Among other things there was a presentation regarding our upcoming Cruise & Rendezvous 21-25 April hosted by Beaufort and Hilton Head. The presentation is narrated by Hilton Head Commander Peter Dion and Beaufort Commander Doug Sherratt. The only thing I need to advise the viewer of is that the first 1:20 of the presentation has some "noise" in that members were checking into the net BUT not muting their audio. It's not bad but I call it "clutter". If you can advance the clock to the 1:21 mark you'll miss it. No? Not to worry. 1:21 passes very quickly. " Click here for the link

For informatioin concerning the 2021 CnR Events click here. For detailed info regarding Hotels, Marinas, Trailer Storage, and Launch Ramps Click Here. And for your interactive Registration Form Click Here.

For those interested in our "Virtual Events" you have an opportunity to view and explore a couple of MP4 videos recorded at the 2020 Fall Conference with more to follow. Select our Tools & Resources page. Scroll near the bottom of the page, locate District 26 Conference Minutes & Videos and select 2020 Fall Conference Videos. The two we currently have available are seminars for Onboard Wx Forecasting and Instructor Recertification.


Find a District 26 squadron nearest you for ways to increase your boating knowledge while having fun on the water and contributing to your community through America's Boating Clubs. Once you locate a squadron near you, return to this page and click on SQUADRONS to learn more about the squadron you have selected. Be sure to review the many benefits of membership. Learn more about our Member Benefits.

Does Your Squadron Need a Website? If the answer is "yes" because there is concern about not having a trained webmaster, ITCom has a solution. A "standard website" model can be adopted by any squadron. You can easily add events and courses are automatically copied from HQ800. You can also add your newsletters. Click here to learn more and view the ITCom model website presentation. It's a large PPT file and may take time to download. Take a look at Golden Corner Lake's website to better understand what a standard website looks like. Those wanting to check out the nitty gritty can peruse the latest User's Manual (4 December 2019).

Boat Operator Certification: With the BOC Program, USPS is able to certify USPS members at various levels of recreational boating proficiency. USPS expects these certifications will be recognized across the boating community, both domestically and internationally.  In the United States, the United States Coast Guard has asked Congress to authorize the Transportation Secretary to establish requirements for standards of proficiency for recreational boaters. USPS intends to have its certification accepted as proof and be accepted as the national certificate for the USA. Click here to learn more about BOC.

Cooperative Charting or CoOp Charting is a major USPS public service program that works in close coordination with NOAA's Marine Chart Division. Take part and you'll find that it is an activity that can be both educational and fun. Go here to learn more.

SAFETY is always first and foremost. Click here to learn more about Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) and schedule your VSC.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Click here to learn more about LD. We all come from different backgrounds. Some have worked in positions of leadership while others have not. Something to keep in mind: just because you have been in a position of leadership does not imply you're ready to jump into a USPS leadership position and if you have never had that experience doesn't mean you can't do that and be a successful leader. So many of our squadrons struggle to fill leadership positions. Why not create a "pipeline" of candidates for all your needs?

Here is the long awaited USCG Vessel Safety Check Manual for those wanting to become a Vessel Examiner as part of the VSC program. Actually, it's probably not a bad idea if all of our VEs also take a look.

For the boater in need, here are some links to valuable sources of information: NOAA's National Ocean Service, Coastal Weather, Tides, USCG Navigation Center, Hurricane Preparation, BoatUS Hurricane Tracking & Resource Center, and USPS Storm Central.


DB2000 Update Version 9.7.3 is now available for download. Caution: the text suggests the version is 9.7.2. Click here for the DB2000 download link for the latest release. I downloaded the file that was, in fact, 9.7.3.

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Click on our D/26 anniversary flag to learn about its heraldry or click here for an excellent PPT presentation about District 26's 50-year history prepared by P/D/C Ed Leibfarth. It may take a while to download dependent on your connection speed.

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