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District 26 Commander of the Year Award

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This award is presented by the district commander to a squadron commander who has shown outstanding leadership in the squadron and possesses attributes beneficial to District 26 and USPS. There is no specific point system of grading and the decision is left to the district commander who may collaborate with the district bridge. The criteria for selection includes: attendance of squadron members at district and national meetings; promptness in handling reports and correspondence (reports of appointments, reports to historian, distribution of D/26 Directory, and response to D/26 and national inquiries); prompt submission of merit mark recommendations; contributions to 026 TRUE and The ENSIGN correspondent; participation in projects to promote USPS; and, participation in D/26 affairs. Commander of the year is presented during the Spring Conference.

  Year Commander Squadron
  2016 Ron Osburn, SN Golden Corners
  2015 D. Eric Coates, AP North Strand
  2014 Karl E. Naugle, AP Charleston
  2013 Kenneth N. Payne, JN Long Bay
  2012 V. Jan Wright, AP-IN Tybee Light
  2011 Gene L. Graziano, AP Thurmond Lake
  2010 Andy Hyman, SN Lake Murray
  2009 Charles Wilsdorf, SN Golden Isles
  2008 Kay Summers, AP Beaufort
  2007 Audie L. Holmes, JN Golden Isles
  2006 Tim Tate, AP Savannah River
  2005 Jim Olin, P North Strand
2004 Tony Dodson, AP Lake Murray
  2003 Bruce Elder Tybee Light
  2002 Paul Beach North Strand
  2001 Charles W. Schuler, SN  North Strand
  2000 Frank R. Clayton, SN  Thurmond Lake
  1999 Annette S. Dumais, AP  Savannah River
  1998 Herbert O. Bailey, SN  Tybee Light
  1997 Harry Gindhart, SN  Charleston
  1996 Bruce Pearson, AP  Swamp Fox
  1995 Jack Pinkowski, SN   Tybee Light
  1994 William W. Wilkes, JN   Swamp Fox
  1993 Morgan A. Barnhill, AP   Greenville
  1992 John C. Stewart, AP  Hilton Head
  1991 Douglas G. Andrews, AP   Tybee Light
  1990 Robert O. Gee, AP   Hilton Head
  1989 Barry L. Rosson, P   Greenville
  1988 Stanley I. Brooks, AP   Beaufort
  1987 Robert A. Peters, AP*  Beaufort
  1986 Hillary M. Winters, SN  Charleston
  1985 Robert J. Thompson, III, SN*  Greenville
  1984 James C. Kirby, AP  Swamp Fox
  1983 Tony Adams, AP  Lake Murray
  1982 William H. Taylor, Jr., AP* Charleston
  1981 Martin Isetts, N Greenville
  1980 John S. Krider, AP* Beaufort
  1979 Blake Roberts, SN Greenville
  1978 Albert C. Hoffman, AP Long Bay
  1977 Joseph L. Mullinax, Jr., SN Greenville
  1976 Randolph K. Wilson, AP Tybee Light
  1975 F. Neal Houston, AP Greenville
  1974 Bruce Parsons, AP Greenville
  1973 Jack D. Slater, AP* Tybee Light
  1972 Allen J. Graham, SN Greenville
  1971 Horace F. Amrine, AP Beaufort
  1970 L. Rufus Woods, JN Tybee Light
  1969 Thomas E. Nease, AP Tybee Light
  1968 John G. Schoiph, AP Greenville
  1967 W.H.D. Gaillard, Jr., AP Tybee Light
  1966 Richard E. Rettew, SN* Greenville
  1965 Omar L. Baumann, AP Sunbury
  1964 M. Baxter McCreery, AP Tybee Light

* Later served as District Commander
Note: Grades are shown as of the date of the award





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