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District 26 Edward H. Fetner, Jr. Award

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This award was donated by P/D/C Edward H. Fetner, Jr., N, as a token of his appreciation for the honor of having been allowed to serve eight years as an officer on the District 26 Bridge. The award recognizes the runner-up to the Commander of the Year Award. There always seems to be at least one more squadron commander who displays the same qualifications (or nearly so) as the Commander of the Year. The qualifications for the Ed Fetner Award are similar to those for the Commander of the Year.



Year Commander Squadron
  2016 Jack McKinnon, SN North Strand
  2015 Lawrence E. Tremitiere, S Hilton Head
  2014 Marc Threriault, AP North Strand
  2013 Doug Chalifour, AP and Donna Lynes, SN Thurmond Lake and Charleston
  2012 Vicky L. Jefferis, AP Golden Isles
  2011 Ken Delson, AP North Strand
  2010 Larry Jefferies, AP Golden Isles
  2009 James Tucker, AP North Strand
  2008 A. G. Caldwell, P Golden Corners Lakes
2007 Michael D. Kirk, AP Lake Murray
2006 Lee Caroll, AP Golden Corner Lakes
2005 Ed Kridler, SN* Charleston
2004 Don Redford, P Golden Corner Lakes
2003 Betty Walton, AP* Hilton Head
2002 Robert K. Pollard, P Lake Murray
2001 Billy Owens, AP Lake Hartwell
2000 Richard C. Erler, AP* Hilton Head
1999 John P. Lacey, AP Lake Murray
1998 Robert Dorn, AP* Beaufort
1997 Robert Dorn, AP* Beaufort
1996 Horst Boettge, SN Greenville
1995 Robert G. Lake, JN and James R. McVey, JN* Beaufort|
Swamp Fox
1994 Mumford S. Jeter, AP Charleston
1993 Edward C. Leibfarth, AP* Savannah River
1992 Donald H. Potter, N Greenville
1991 Richard B. Clark, P Charleston
1990 Ronald L. Messer, SN Greenville
1989 Norman G. Brooks, AP* Charleston
1988 Robert G. Larsen, SN * Greenville
1987 Albert P. Engelmann, AP* Greenville
1986 Raymond Fedele, JN Greenville
1985 George W. Baxter, S* Lake Murray
1984 Robert A. Miller Charleston
1983 George Lee, JN Charleston
1982 Allen Perry, AP Swamp Fox
1981 Johnny W. Thomas, AP Tybee Light
1980 Jack L. Lockamy, AP Tybee Light
1979 Stanton Collins, AP
and Donald L. Stewart, P
Long Bay
Tybee Light
1978 E. Gray Swingle, AP Savannah River
1977 Don J. Coon, Jr., SN* Savannah River
1976 Robert A. Gissell, JN* Charleston
1975 Robert G. Pennstrom, JN* Swamp Fox

* Later served as District Commander
Note: Grades are shown as of the date of the award




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