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District 26 T. Walley Mackey Predicted Log Contest Award

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The T. Walley Mackey Trophy is awarded annually to the winner of the D/26 Predicted Log Contest which is usually held during the D/26 Cruise and Rendezvous.

Year Winning Captain Squadron
1984 Lloyd D. Flint Long Bay
1985 Robert C. Banta Long Bay
1987 Henry S. Ostrowski Greenville
1989 Milford W. MacDonald Hilton Head
1990 Robert A. Peters Hilton Head
1992 Lee C. McIntyre Hilton Head
1993 William F. Mullin Long Bay `
1994 Carl D. Swartzmiller Lake Murray
1995 E.T. Wood & R. Mosolgo Hilton Head
1996 James Turner Savannah Riv
1997 Tom Dietrich Greenville
1998 Tom Dietrich Greenville
1999 Tom Dietrich Greenville
2000 Tom Dietrich Greenville



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