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bullet National Guidelines This link addresses a host of things whether it be calendars, guides, forms, manuals, and more. Be sure to bookmark it.
bullet USPS Marketing Guidebook v 2.0 Feb 2019. America's Boating Club - For Boaters by Boaters. This Guidebook contains information on how to market membership and education, use the new logo and tagline, and understand specifics on rebranding our organization as America’s Boating Club.

bullet 2017 D26 Fall Conf Seminar Summary This summary addresses seminar presented by Stf/C Ed Kridler, SN and D/Lt/C Joe Etter, AP-IN regarding basic navigation of the USPS website. More seminar summaries from this conference to follow.


bullet D26 BEST PRACTICES Here you will find procedures and policies D/26 squadron commanders feel have helped their squadron achieve their desired goal(s). You are free to use these any way you desire to help your squadron achieve similar goals.


DISTINCTIVE COMMUNICATOR AWARD, OTHER NATIONAL AWARDS, and DISTRICT AWARDS - Outlines and/or lists identifying the various awards available at those levels.


HAVE CAREER ASPIRATIONS? INTERESTED IN NATIONAL, DISTRICT, OR SQUADRON POSITIONS, OR JUST WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Check out the ONLINE RESUME FORM. It's a National form that also includes district and squadron assignment preferences. There's even a space at the end where you can enter other interests if none of the positions is your thing. This is something Nominating Committees and others use to help identify members who can participate at one level or another. Take a look and see for yourself. You may need your member# and PIN to login. Need help? Send an email to any district or squadron bridge officer or drop your friendly webmaster a line.


bullet 2014 D26 Strategic Plan - Revised 10/7/2015. A continually evolving document reflecting changes to internal and external environment and membership perspectives among other things. It is the document that guides our planning process

bullet District Guidelines This link provides "How To" guidelines to implement many of the adopted strategies
bullet COMMUNICATONS COMMITTEE INFORMATION for newsletter editors and webmasters. Check here for DISTINCTIVE COMMUNICATOR AWARD INFO
bullet ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER REVISED – This is the most commonly adopted parliamentary authority among societies in the United States.

District 26 Directory and District Rosters - Access Restricted to D26 Members


District 26 Squadron, District Rosters, D26 Calendar, & Document Library - The viewer can select either a Squadron Roster or a District Roster. Access is restricted to D26 members only and the viewer may be required to login using his or her certificate number and PIN. Once district membership is validated the selected roster will be displayed. The squadron roster displayed is the squadron to which the member belongs. Squadron rosters are a squadron responsibility and may or may not be displayed. Once a roster is displayed the viewer has several options to choose from: Squadron or District Job Assignments, for example (Forms OD-2 or OD-1). When the district roster is displayed, the viewer also has access to the District Calendar that squadrons can also request activites be posted. In addition to the Calendar, the viewer also has access to the District Document Library where you will find the 2015 D26 Directory and the Approved 2016 D26 Budget. Budget was approved as submitted - see 2015 Fall Conf minutes. Other documents can be posted. Members need only contact the webmaster.

Using the FIND function with the Roster: For Macs with a keyboard (Bluetooth connected keyboards OK) use Command F. For Windows use Control F. This shortcut will enable viewers to quickly locate a name or names.

The change from password access was made to afford better access control rather than using a password that has been in existence for several years and not considered secure.


VSC Vessel Safety Check Information


Our squadron examiners will perform VSCs as requested and most have schedules set up for the season. The online virtual inspection will help boaters have their boats ready and you can request your VSC from here.


bulletDisbursement request form Using an iPad? Download the FREE Adobe Reader app for iPad. FREE Adobe Reader Once the app has been downloaded, open the Reimbursement Request PDF form and look for an option at the top right screen to either open in "iBooks" or in "Adobe Reader". Select Adobe Reader."
bullet Reimbursement Policy
bullet D/26 Boating Activities Award
bullet Instructions email reports to P/C Bert Baxter, AP, Chairperson.
bullet Boating Activities Report Example - Excel, no password
bullet Boating Activities Report Form - Excel, no password
bullet D/26 Squadron Commander's Report. This is an interactive PDF file. Use Adobe Reader to complete this form online, save, and email.
bullet District Conference Report Form. This is an interactive PDF flie. Use Adobe Reader to complete this form online, save, and email.

General Information

bullet District 26 Event Manual updated 25 January 2020 -- Guidelines for squadrons hosting conferences and other events
bullet The Event Manual's Excel workbook is not available online. Contact D/Lt/C Rich Norris, SN for any questions you may have. NOTE: This interactive Excel workbook only functions in a Windows environment at this time
bullet District 26 Bylaws updated 7 March 2016
bullet District 26 Bylaws Letter of Approval dated 8 March 2016
bullet Discount Tech — Also known as Tech Soup. This is discount technology available to USPS squadrons and districts. 
bullet Genesis - Another company that caters to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. Compare Genesis with Tech Soup. Sometimes Genesis offers 2 licenses for the advertised price whereas Tech Soup does not.
bulletDues Payment Online
bullet Legal Questions — Check out the National Law Committee website, or e-mail R/C David Allen, SN of Lake Murray Power Squadron who is our District Law Officer for SC and Chairman of National Law Committee for 2016.
bulletMember Benefits
bullet National Meetings Calendar
bullet USPS Branding Manual
bulletEnsign Style Guide
bulletUSPS Operations Manual
bullet DB-2000: Before downloading DB2000, visit the DB2000 Information Index

Distric 26 Conference Minutes & Videos

bullet 2019 Fall Conference Minutes
bullet2020 Fall Conference Minutes
bullet2020 Fall Conference Videos
bulletD/26 Conference & Council Minutes Archive (2006 - 2019)

Reports and Presentations

bullet Radio Operating Procedures - extracted from course material
bullet Merit Mark Resources: How to earn, electronic submission, MM monitors, and more
bullet Leadership Development
bullet Website Design Standards: An overview for Squadron Webmasters
bulletHelpful items for squadron webmasters and editors--feel free to request additional items
bullet Various logos, VSC, Distinctive Communicator Award, America's Boating Club, Boating is fun, etc. You can also search Google Images.
bullet Link for USPS online seminars and courses






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