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D/26 Port Captains

What is a Port Captain? Well, I like to think of this volunteer as the squadron’s concierge; you know, like the staff member at a fancy hotel who does everything from handling luggage and mail to getting you tickets to that Broadway show you wanted to see.

“A Port Captain is a member of the United States Power Squadrons, who stands ready, at times of his or her choosing, to provide advice and assistance to USPS members, and if the Port Captain chooses, to others making contact.

“The Port Captain can recommend mechanics, sail makers, and repair yards in the area as well as medical and dental facilities in his or her locale. The Port Captain also can direct weary sailors and boaters to local restaurants and motels. While Port Captains are under no obligation to provide more than friendly advice, they are persons who enjoy meeting people and helping their fellow boaters.

“The Port Captain is familiar with the activities of local USPS squadrons, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Still, their primary expertise lies in their knowledge of local waters and unmarked hazards to safe navigation. The objective is to provide information, reliable advice and comradeship. Their aim is to make fellow members feel they are welcome and have found a friend.

“Knowledge, seamanship, service to others, friendship and fraternity—this has been the essence of the United States Power Squadrons since 1913. This is the Port Captains Program,” describes P/C/C Pou Bailey, SN, in the USPS Port Captains’ Guide.

D/26 Port Captains can obtain a copy of this guide here.  Also available through this web link is a national roster of USPS Port Captains that D/26 members can access in order to identify those who may be of assistance as they cruise new waters. You will need your certificate number and PIN to access this members-only area of the web. Have a question? Check out the Port Captains' FAQ page first. You might find an answer to your question.

Members may click here to access a list of D/26 Port Captains. Clicking on a Port Captain's name will generate an email to that person.



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