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USPS Public Courses

As part of their dedication to boating education, The United States Power Squadrons provide boating safety courses to the public, as well as more advanced courses to their members. 



Member Course Information

Sign up for a class at the monthly meetings or contact the Squadron Educational Officer, Lt/C Glenn Snell, SN.

Descriptions of the courses available can be found at these web sites:

Advanced Grade Courses
(Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, Navigation)

These are usually taken in order as each one builds on the knowledge gained in the previous course. 
Completion of a course (and its prerequisites) earns the corresponding grade.

  Elective Courses
(Cruise Planning, Engine Maintenance, Instructor Development, Marine Electronics, Sail, Weather)

These are independent topics to enhance boating skills and can be taken in any order.
Marine Electronics is broken into three parts: Marine Electrical Systems, Marine Communication Systems, and Electronic Navigation.


Completion of Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, and three electives earns the Educational Profiency Award.
Completion of all advanced grade and elective courses earns the Educational Achiement Award and the grade of Senior Navigator.


The Sou'wester will have the latest information on upcoming classes.

Last Updated 13 October 2015

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