Fort Worth Sail & Power Squadron

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Community Service
First Sunday Rendezvous
Chili Cook-off
Predicted Log Contest
Seamanship Contest
Navigation Contest

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Check the calendar and the Sou'wester for details.


Community Service

The squadron participates in many community activities in support of our responsibility for public service.


The annual Metroplex Water Safety Day is sponsored by the area boating organizations and companies as a fun activity for families.
We provide information on our boating courses and other safety-related topics at the annual Fort Worth Boat Show
Here we are raising the flag at the Fort Worth Boat Club's annual opening day ceremony.  We have performed this service for many years.
One of our most well-attended community events is the annual Eagle Mountain Lake Area Clean-up.  The squadron, as well as many other organizations and individuals, pick up trash and debris from roadsides and shorelines around the lake.  We also provide an information booth at the free lunch which follows the clean-up.
Instructors and students at one of our public boating classes.
Students at a recent GPS seminar.

Monthly Meetings

We have our executive committee meeting the second Wednesday of every month.  These are held at the bridge officers' homes on a rotating basis.  The meetings start at 1930.  Check the calendar for dates and locations.

We hold our general members' meeting the third Wednesday of every month.  These are held at local restaurants or other meeting facilities. Socializing begins at 1830. Dinner at 1900.  Reservations are needed by Sunday before the meeting.  There is also a standing list for automatic reservations.  If you make a reservation and don't show up, you are still liable for the cost of the meal unless you cancel ahead of time.  If you show up without a reservation, you may not get to eat, but you can still come to the meeting.  Check the calendar for dates and locations.  Prospective members are welcome.  Just give us a call.

First Saturday/Sunday Rendezvous

Every month, on the first Saturday (summer) or Sunday (winter), we get together for a raft-up in Old Ranch Slough or Carter Slough on Eagle Mountain Lake.  We meet at 1400 at the designated mooring buoy.  Anyone that would like to join us, but doesn't have a boat, is welcome to hitch a ride.  Just call the FWSPS cell phone at 817-343-0013.


Some of our members' boats lined up at our monthly raft-up.
In honor of "Derby Day", some of the members participated in their own race.


Chili Cook-off

Chefs prepare their entry for our annual Chili Cook-off.

Predicted Log Contest

This is a contest involving following a pre-planned course in a pre-determined amount of time.  The trick is that you have to make a calculated guess as to how long it will take to finish the course before you even start.  Without a timepiece!  You have to depend on your navigation skills and knowledge of your boat.

Seamanship Contest

This is a contest of basic boating skills.  You know, the ones you learned in Seamanship class and practice on a regular basis.  Right?  Well then, this is a good refresher course.  Lots of fun, either way.

Navigation Contest

A contest for the serious navigator.  Put all your seamanship, piloting, and navigation skills to the test!