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Vessel Safety Check Program

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We are authorized to award GRDA Inspection Decals in 2016

Your single stop for both USPS and GRDA safety inspections

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The Vessel Safety Check Program

The Vessel Safety Check Program, was formerly known as Courtesy Marine Examinations (CME's). In 1999, the Auxiliary signed a
Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Coast Guard that put the USCG Auxiliary in charge of overall operation and
administration of the Vessel Safety Check Program. It also allowed for the expansion of the program to other organizations. The
USCG Auxiliary turned to the United States Power Squadrons as a logical partner.

On 29 January 2000, the USPS Chief Commander Arthur H. Farr signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCGAUX) to participate in the Vessel Safety Check Program (VSCP).

 Beginning 1 May 2000 the new VSCP, Vessel Safety Check Program was launched nation wide by the USCG Auxiliary and
the United States Power Squadrons.  Our squadron has been actively involved with this program since it's inception.

The program is intended to be a service to the recreational boating public, as a complimentary check of the recommended
safety equipment on the owners boat.  If all items are found to be in good working order one or both of the above decals
are awarded and attached to the boat.  Failure of the check is only shared with the boat owner with suggestions that the
deficient items be repaired or replaced.  A followup check will be scheduled when the vessel is in compliance.  We are
not a law enforcement agency and the report is not shared with anyone outside our organization.  Details of the VSC are
provided at the bottom of this page.  You may take a virtual VSC at your leisure to determine if your vessel is in compliance.

Our  team of Certified Examiners are busy in 2016 doing a total of 120 examinations by 7/15 so far

Our Vessel Examiners are:

Donald  Chalupnik

Ed Dennis

Sharon Dennis

William A. Miller

James W. Reynolds

Jay A. Spicer

Bruce Watson

Tom Rice

John Walter

Debbie Sweeten

Jim Sweeten

Barbara Zinn

Chuck Brandt





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Our VSC Mascots, notice
they are wearing PFD's

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Commander Jane Montgomery, AP (l) presents the Century Award to 1st/L Jay Spicer (r) at the April 2009 GLSPS dinner meeting.  This award recognizes Jay's efforts in 2008 of inspecting over 100 boats. 
The Century Award is a national USPS award.
Jay was awarded the Century Award for 2009 at the USPS Annual meeting in Orlando.

Since then Jay has received the USPS Century Award for 2009 and  2010 

Contact for all VSC information:

Jay Spicer, S
Squadron VSC Chairman



Based on our experience from the past three years   changes may be made in 2016 concerning when and which marinas we will visit.  Watch this page for those marinas and dates when they'll be visited.


Vessel Safety Checks for Grand Lake


May 21  Kickoff - Safe Boating Week Honey Creek Landing Marina
June 4 Harbors View Marina Cherokee Yacht Club
June 11 Hammerhead Marina   Willow Park Marina 
June 18 Clearwater Bay Marina Dripping Springs Yacht Club
June 25 Elk River Landing        Terra Miranda Marina Resort
Sept. (TBD) Arrowhead Marina Classic Boat Show


    Scheduled times for all marina visitations
   are 1000  to 1400 (minimum)

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Vessel Examiners at 2016 Safe Boating week kickoff at Honey Creek Landing
(l to r) Debbie Sweeten, John Walter, Don Chalupnik, Bruce Watson, Barbara Zinn, Sharon Dennis, Ed Dennis, Jim Sweeten, Tom Rice, Jay Spicer, Chuck Brandt

Vessel Examiners taking a break at the Harbors View Marina
(L to R) Norm Cornet, Bob Hunt, Jay Spicer and Bill Miller

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Due to the bad weather this was the most productive thing we could do.
At the Southwinds Marina

Once again weather forced us inside for this picture.  Here we are at the ships store at the Dripping Springs Yacht Club


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Do you have one of these placards mounted in your inboard
engine compartment.  If not be sure to request one
when you have your vessel examined.

Items required to be on hand at a Vessel Exam

Registration papers for the vessel
PFD's for each passenger, plus (1) type IV
Visual distress signals
Fire Extinguisher(s)
First Aid Kit
Operational Horn
Navigation and Anchor Lights
Oar or Paddle  (GRDA requirement)
Throwable type IV cushion
Backup dewatering device (pail)
Operating bilge pump
Operating bilge blower
Anchor and rode (line) (GRDA requirement)

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