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Kinzua Power Squadron

A unit of the United States Power Squadron

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Being a member of the United States Power Squadrons is not only a rewarding experience but there are also a lot of benefits. Boater education is the goal of the United States Power Squadron.

 Advanced Grades          

    Seamanship (S)                    Piloting (P)                        

           Advanced Piloting (AP)       Junior Navigation (JN)       

   Navigation (N)   

     Elective Courses                

   Cruise Planning (CP)                      Engine Maintenance (EM)          

  Instructor Development (ID)           Marine Electronics (ME)            

       Sail (SA)                                         Weather (Wx)      

For descriptions of the above courses, click here, and then click on the course abbreviation symbol in the lower left hand part of the page and then on the description for the desired course.


Last update: April 29, 2014