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A course for all boaters (the personal watercraft operator; the hunter or fisherman operating an outboard utility boat; the skipper of a family cruiser; the sailing enthusiast).  All boaters must follow the same nautical rules, regulations, and courtesies of the sea.  All are subject to the same forces of nature while boating.

As boating is often a family activity, the course is of value to all members of a boating family.  USPS encourages families to attend as groups.

Qualified, enthusiastic, and experienced USPS instructors provide instruction as a civic service.  There is never a charge for instruction; the only costs are those for materials, plus overhead costs such as classroom rental, shipping and handling, sales tax, etc.

This student manual serves as the basis for this course, it will also serve as a reference book in basic boating long after the course work is completed.  The course meets the educational standards of the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and features a proctored examination as required by many states and insurance companies.  The course will provide instruction and examination for laws and regulations of state and local authorities in the area where the course is taught.

USPS believes that the more educated a boater becomes, the more likely that boater will be a safe boater. Boat Smart is the beginning of a boating education.  Chart Smart is available for those who would like to learn a little about piloting.  USPS encourages students to follow this brief and basic course with additional boating education such as the courses offered to members of the United States Power Squadrons.  Your instructor can give you information about these advanced courses.

For classes offered by the Lower Columbia Power Squadron call Eric Sellix (503) 728-3769

For information on the USPS public boating course, including The Squadron Boating Course, closest to you, call 1-888-FOR-USPS or check out our Online Schedule.  In Canada, for the CPS course, call 1-888-CPS-BOAT.

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