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Where Are We?

We are in the city of Milford Connecticut, located midway between the cities of Bridgeport and New Haven. We are located on the southern shore of south western Connecticut with a population of approximately 55,000 and a coastline of 14 miles. Our harbor is located directly on Long Island Sound and its entrance contains many marinas and boating facilities to accommodate transient boaters, both sail and power. The head of the harbor terminates at the towns center that is strictly New England in style with a town green and gazebo. For the boater interested in navigating to Milford harbor, reference NOAA charts 12345, 12364, and 12370.

Entering Milford Harbor  Using GPS
Set your entrance waypoint to 41 11.00N, 73 02.90W and aim for the mouth of the harbor at 41 12.52N, 73 02.94W

Entering Milford Harbor  from the East
Approaching the harbor from the east will at first reveal a large sloping sea wall on Pond Point near West Haven. Just off this point is Nun #12 which you should keep to starboard. Continue on to Nun #2 just off Welches Point. Stay clear of the rocky area between Welches Point and the #2 Nun. Head for buoy #4 (FL R 4sec) at the channel entrance and continue on with the usual can and nun numbering system. After entering the habor you will see Milford Yacht Club on your port side.

On proceeding up the harbor you will see, after passing the Milford Yacht Club, Port Milford on your starboard about 0.3 miles into the harbor, with Spencers on the starboard side and the Boatworks on the port side.  Spencers Marina and the Milford Boat Works are about 0.6 miles.  Milford Landing at the head of the harbor about 0.9 miles. The city boat ramp is directly across from Milford Landing.

Entering Milford Harbor from the West
The first mark coming from the west will be the bell #16 just 1/2 mile south of Charles Island. Steer about 20 deg. Magnetic and you will pick up the entry Bell Nun #4 keeping can #1 well to the port to avoid any rocks off Charles Island. Follow instructions given above to continue on. Please be aware that Charles Island is connected to the mainland by a sandbar (northwest side) that is just under the water at high tide.


try entering the harbor from the West between Charles Island and the mainland. A rocky sandbar is just below high tide level across this entire area.

Updated May 24, 2013