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2013 USPS Boating Courses available in Lake of the Ozarks Area

The State of Missouri now has mandatory boaters education requirements for those born on or after 1 January 1984. This law requires all persons operating a vessel on the lakes of this state shall possess, on the vessel, a boating safety identification card. This law becomes effective 1 January 2005.

NOTE: Per requirements of the United States Power Squadron we can not show classes which have been completed more than 30 days prior to today. We are an active Squadron, and teach classes mainly in the Spring and early Summer but it is hard to see that from the class list..


America's Boating Course (ABC)
March 2013

Using GPS Course
May 2013

To schedule a class or to put your name on the waiting list contact the:
Squadron Education Officer at
573-434-7117 or clp.usps@charter.net .

Courses that are available bur not currently scheduled.

America's Boating Course - 3rd Edition

America's Boating Course - 3rd Edition is the latest public boating course offered by USPS to the general boating community. You may be familiar with our prior courses such as The Squadron Boating Course, Boat Smart, the original America's Boating Course, or Chart Smart.

America's Boating Course - 3rd Edition is all new with a completely updated manual, outstanding graphics, and two bonus computer disks. The course manual is divided into five chapters. The first four cover the required topics that all recreational boaters must know. In addition to the rules of the road, the four chapters cover the various types of boats, required safety equipment, navigation aids, lights and sounds, anchoring, communications afloat, adverse conditions, water sports safety, trailering, personal water craft safety, and knots and lines. The fifth chapter provides an introduction to digital charts and GPS waypoint navigation, a key skill for boating on larger lakes and rivers and coastal waters. This optional fifth chapter provides the background for more advanced piloting courses.

The Squadron Boating Course

The Squadron Boating Course, now being replaced by America's Boating Course - 3rd Edition, is a classroom course for all boaters including skippers of a family cruiser, sailing enthusiasts, personal watercraft (PWC) operators, hunters or fishermen operating an outboard utility boat, and canoe and kayak paddlers. It covers the basics you need to know to safely and legally operate your boat, such as basic boating terminology, boat handling, water sports safety, PWCs, legally required equipment and other boating laws and regulations, right-of-way rules between boats, and marine radio operation. The course is meant to be of interest to the whole family, and we encourage your family to attend as a group. Beyond the basic safety material, additional material covers the fundamentals of reading nautical charts, of using a chart to plot and follow a safe course, and the basics of using a Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigation.  In addition to practice charts and plotting tools, the materials supplied with the course also include a CD-ROM containing Maptech’s Chart Navigator computer program, allowing the student to learn about this exciting new electronic technology.  The Squadron Boating Course can be taught in either of two formats at your local squadron's discretion – an eight (8) hour course covering basic safety topics, or a twelve (12) hour course covering safety plus charting and navigation topics. Either format with its proctored examination meets the requirements of National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) so that you can get your safety certificate in those states that require one to operate a power driven vessel. Get more information on The Squadron Boating Course.

USPS Seminar Series

USPS has a series of short seminars covering specific topics of interest to boaters. These seminars are usually taught in a single two- four hour class.   A student note book is included, along with a take-away guide or other items that are useful on your boat.

Several more seminars are nearing completion and will be available soon: Knots for Mariners, Onboard Emergencies, Using Digital Charts, and Heavy Weather Sailing.

USPS Guides

A series of booklets on a wide variety of subjects of interest to boaters, known as USPS Guides, are also available from USPS.  Some Guides are also sold at marine supply stores and book stores. These guides are a great fill-in to complete your boating and marine-related education, whether you are out on the water or relaxing around the house. Click here for a list of available Guides and prices.

Advanced Grade Courses

Five Advanced Grade courses are offered by USPS.  They are designed to be taken in sequence because each builds on skills taught in the previous course.

Elective Courses

Six Elective Courses are offered by USPS.  They cover separate and independent topics and therefore may be taken in any order according to a person's interests and time.


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