North Strand Sail and Power Squadron

There was a need for a North Strand Squadron as the Myrtle Beach area began to grow. Several boaters in the area got together and formed this new squadron and the Long Bay Power Squadron was asked in the spring of 2000 to support the effort. The National Officer in charge of Provisional Squadrons studied the issue and decided the effort had merit and awarded Provisional Status to the first members: Paul & Renee Beach, Bob & Jeanne Brunelle, Jerry & Donna Groenke, Denise & Ken Morin, Bill & Pat Race, Al Reddinger, Charlie & Marianne Schuler, Bob Terrell and Bill & Kitty Winters. By 11 November 2000 the squadron had 42 active members and 22 family members. They signed the petition for charter at that meeting and North Strand was awarded USPS squadron status 30 November 2000.

In 2001: (Cdr Charlie Schuler)

  • Bill Race was recognized by District as the Squadron Educational Officer of the Year.
  • Charlie Schuler was recognized by District as the Commander of the Year.
  • We won the Inter Squadron Predicted Log Contest hosted by Shallotte River Sail & Power Squadron.
  • We won teaching aid awards in both District and National as well as the Co-Op Charting Award and the District Bowsprit Award.

In 2002: (Cdr Paul Beach)

  • Paul Beach was recognized by District as Commander of the Year.
  • North Strand won the District Membership Growth Award with 18.97% growth.
  • We won the District Education Achievement Award.
  • We made the Honor Roll for the Education Fund and Co-Op Charting.
  • Bill Race and Marianne Schuler were recognized by the Order of the Mariners. This is a District organization that recognizes you when you achieve 14 Merit Marks and Educational Proficiency.
  • Charlie Schuler was recognized for 25 years of service to USPS.

In 2003: (Cdr Jerry Groenke)

  • North Strand Squadron hosted the District Fall Conference. This was a two-day affair with close to 200 people in attendance.
  • North Strand was awarded the Prince Henry Award, a coveted award given to the squadron with the most members who complete advanced grades based on total membership.
  • Bill Race was awarded the District Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • North Strand had the greatest growth in the district at 48%.
  • Our newspaper, the SCUTTLEBUTT was recognized by National for Excellence in Journalism.
  • Our website was recognized by National for Excellence.

In 2004: (Cdr Jim Olin)

  • Linda Boyette was awarded the District Educational Officer of the Year Award.
  • Our newsletter, the SCUTTLEBUTT, was recognized for Excellence in Journalism.
  • Our website was the best in the Nation receiving 99 out of a possible 100 point score.

In 2005: (Cdr Jim Olin)

  • Charlie Schuler was awarded the District Award for Excellence in Teaching.

In 2006: (Cdr Bob Boal)

  • Jim Olin was recognized by District as Commander of the Year.
  • North Strand received the Website Excellence and Distinction in Journalism Awards.
  • Bill Race's Range Marker teaching aid was awarded 3rd place at the USPS Annual Meeting.
  • North Strand received the District Bowsprit Award.

In 2007: (Cdr Linda Boyette)

  • North Strand Squadron won second place at National for Training Aides with a Lighted Range Marker Display and won first place in District for the Relative Bearing Training Aid, both developed by Roger Lesnewski.
  • Sponsored the boat auction to support National Safe Boating Week.
  • Our Safe Boating Class was interviewed by the Sun News and was shown on TV to promote safe boating during Safe Boating Week.
  • Recognized by the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce and Keep North Myrtle Beach Beautiful in promoting beach and waterway clean-ups.

In 2008: (Cdr Bob Candiano)

  • We hosted the District Summer Conference & Rendezvous at Barefoot Landing and a large number of members were involved with making this successful. Over 130 people attended with 20 boats participating.
  • We adopted Heritage Shore Park in Cherry Grove for monthly cleanups.
  • Awarded a Squadron Publication Award by the National Publications Committee.
  • We adopted a nautical chart and will be performing periodic updates.
  • We had five members complete the JN course.
  • A Life Member Award is given to a member who has earned 25 merit marks. At the 2008 Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX, this award was presented to Charlie Schuler.
  • Squadron awarded certificate for efforts in achieving the 2007-2008 BowSprit Award awarded to District 26 by USPS.

In 2009: (Cdr Jim Tucker)

  • Won the First Place Award for Teaching Aid in District 26 competition.
  • Entered onto the USPS - NOAA Co-Op Charting Program National Honor Roll.
  • Rob Kayton was named to the Vessel Safety Check Century Club for conducting more than 100 VSCs. Rob was the first member of D/26 to be so honored.
  • North Strand made the Vessel Safety Check National Honor Roll.
  • Our newspaper, the SCUTTLEBUTT was recognized by National for Excellence in Journalism.
  • North Strand received the Website Excellence Award.
  • We have had four members complete the Navigation course, three becoming SN.
  • Awarded a "Certificate of Appreciation" by North Myrtle Beach for clean up efforts.
  • Conducted a special Boating Education Course for North Myrtle Beach Safety personnel.
  • Marianne Schuler recognized for 25 years of service to USPS.

In 2010: (Cdr Jim Tucker)

  • SCUTTLEBUTT was recognized by National for Excellence in Journalism.
  • 'Certificate of Educational Proficiency' awarded to Ken Delson and Jack McKinnon.
  • 'Certificate of Educational Achievement' awarded to Roger Lesnewski.
  • 2009 ‘Carol McVey Award for SEO of Year' awarded to Charlie Schuler.
  • 2009 ‘Ed Fetner Award for Outstanding Service as Commander’ awarded to JimTucker.
  • Ken Delson and Richard Foltz recognized for 25 years of service to USPS.
  • USPS - NOAA Co-Op Charting Program National Honor Roll.
  • Dave Canty entered onto rolls of the “The Order of Mariners.”
  • Awarded 1st Place in 2010 D/26 Training Aids Competition.

In 2011: (Cdr Ken Delson)

  • North Strand received the Distinction in Journalism Award.
  • We were awarded the USPS Educational Fund Certificate of Merit.
  • North Strand a member of the 2010 Vessel Safety Check Squadron Honor Roll.
  • James Spencer and James Tucker awarded the Educational Proficiency Award.
  • Roger Lesnewski won 1st Place in D/26 Spring 2011 Teaching Aid Competition.
  • Ken Delson won 1st Place in D/26 Fall 2011 Teaching Aid Competition.
  • Awarded 2010 P/D/C Robert A Peters D/26 Boating Activities Award - Div II.
  • Marianne Schuler achieved USPS Life Membership after receiving her 25th merit mark.
  • Recognized by NMB for constructing 52 life guard chairs during Boat Safety Week.

In 2012: (Cdr Roger Clark)

  • Distinction in Communication Award for Squadron Website (Charlie Schuler) and Scuttlebutt Newsletter (Minnetta Davis).
  • 2011 D/26 'Spark-Plug Award' awarded to Mark Theriault.
  • 2011 D/26 ‘Ed Fetner Award for Outstanding Service as Commander’ awarded to Ken Delson.
  • ‘Certificate of Educational Proficiency’ awarded to Bob Candiano, Lee Kaufman and Mark Theriault.
  • P/C Bob Boal served as D/26 Commander.
  • Ken Delson won 1st Place in 2011 D/26 Fall Conference Teaching Aid Competition.
  • 220 Vessel Safety Checks (over 100 by Jeff Oxnard).
  • 14 Navigation talks by Roger Lesnewski at Ingram Planetarium to 427 members of the public.
  • Active cruise schedule with 266 member boat/days on the water.
  • Continued to partner with Horry County and North Myrtle Beach on the Christmas Regatta, Breakfast with Santa, St. Patrick's Day Parade, Easter Egg Hunt, Heritage Park cleanups, Fall Festival and various water activities.

In 2013: (Cdr Roger Clark)

  • Won D/26 1st Place Boating Activity Award for 2012 for our membership category.
  • Distinction in Communication awarded to Charlie Schuler for Website.
  • National Excellence in Journalism awarded to Barbara Coates for Scuttlebutt.
  • Jeff Oxnard performed over 100 VSC's for 2nd consecutive year (only person in D/26 to achieve this accomplishment).

In 2014: (Cdr Mark Theriault)

  • Won D/26 “Commander’s Challenge” Award.
  • George Theriault named D/26 “Spark Plug Award” Runner Up.
  • Jeff Oxnard completed over 100 Vessel Safety Checks for the third consecutive year. North Strand completed 278 VSC’s - the most ever for the squadron, and the most of all the D/26 squadrons in 2014.
  • Bonnie Kanoy received her Educational Proficiency Award.
  • Received Excellence Award for both newsletter and web page publications.
  • Held 18 cruise events: 10 multi-day cruises, with over 500 member boating days and over 300 members participating.
  • Supported 24 community events with NMB and Horry County, including monthly Heritage Park cleanups, Breakfast with Santa, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Youth Cotillion, Easter Egg Hunt, Youth Fishing event, Back to School event and Fall Festivals (approximately 1000 man hours).
  • We had the most active Member Involvement Committee ever with over 25 events, including Concerts in the Park, Casino Cruise, Baseball Night, Dinner Theatre and various social evenings.
  • Very active Monthly Membership Meetings with an average of 60+ members attending each meeting enjoying various speakers, programs and great fellowship.
  • Published four articles on boating safety in local media.
  • Increased membership year on year.
  • Restarted Co-Op Charting effort.

In 2015: (Cdr Eric Coates)
  • North Strand Squadron awarded the District “Catch the Spirit” Award.
  • 2014 “Ed Fetner” Award for “Outstanding Service as Commander” presented to Marc Theriault.
  • 2014 “Century Club” Award presented to Jeff Oxnard.
  • 2014 “Distinctive Communicator Award” presented to Barbara Coates (newsletter).
  • 2014 “Distinctive Communicator Award” presented to Charlie Schuler (webmaster).
  • 2014 “Educational Proficiency Award” presented to Jane Bonner, Roger Bonner and Jake Kanoy.
  • Dave Canty, Jim McVey, Nancy Terrell and Robert Terrell awarded 25-year membership pins.
  • Hosted 2015 Fall Conference and COW, with great membership participation.
  • Bonnie Kanoy placed first and Ken Delson second in the 2015 D/26 Fall Conference Teaching Aide competition.
  • Squadron’s first ever participation in the Boardman Youth Poster Contest, with two D/26 winners with one advancing to National competition.
  • Vessel Safety Examiners completed 253 Vessel Safety Checks.
  • Active member cruise season, with nine multi-day cruises and record-setting participation. The 4th of July cruise to Bald Head Island included 18 boats and 59 members and guests.
  • Two Co-Op Charting events completed.
  • Increased membership year over year.

In 2016: (Cdr Jack McKinnon)

  • P/C Eric Coates, AP awarded 2015 Commander of the Year by District 26.
  • Received 2015 Membership award from District 26.
  • District 26 presented NSSPS the 2015 Robert A. Peters Boating Activities Award.
  • Awarded USPS Education Fund Certificate of Merit.
  • Our newspaper, the SCUTTLEBUTT and Website were recognized by National Communications Committee.
  • Received 2015 Growth Award from National Membership Committee.
  • Lt. Jeffrey Oxnard, S honored as member of Vessel Safety Check Century Club.
  • Vessel Safety Examiners completed 336 safety checks (Jeff Oxnard completed 150).
  • Submitted Training Aids and Youth Posters for District competition.
  • Supported 36 Community Service events including Horry County Parks & recreation, North Myrtle Beach and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.
  • Our website was recognized by National for Excellence.
  • Very active Social and Member Involvement Committees providing well attended events for Squadron Members.
  • Continued to increase membership

In 2017: (Cdr George Theriault)

  • 2016 D/26 Ed Fetner Award – D/Lt/C Jack McKinnon, SN-IN
  • 2016 National Distinctive Communicator Award Newsletter – Lt Barb Coates
  • 2016 National Distinctive Communicator Award Website - P/C Charlie Schuler
  • 2016 D/26 Robert A. Peters Boating Activities Award
  • Lt Jeff Oxnard Honored for 5th Year Century Club Award
  • D/Lt/C Jack McKinnon SN-IN Educational Achievement Award
  • P/D/C Jim McVey and Jim Sever received Life Membership Award
  • Jim Sever received 25 year award
  • 2017 Chapman Award Nominee – Lt David Canty
  • 2017 D/26 “Just Add Water” Award on behalf of SC DNR
  • 2016 USPS Educational Fund Award
  • 2017 Educational Proficiency Award – Mary Jane Thomas
  • 2017 2nd place in Youth Poster Competition for District 26
  • 2017 D/26 Certificate of Appreciation for work on D/26 Fall Conference & COW Co-hosted D/26 COW with 21 North Strand members attending and volunteering
  • Grew Squadron membership from 150 in 2016 to 162 in 2017
  • Vessel Safety Examiners completed 252 VSC inspections – 23% of District totals and most of any Squadron in D/26
  • Held over 100 Squadron activities/events in 2017
  • Held 11 Charitable Collections for the community, collecting hundreds of pounds of food and hundreds of dollars in cash for local needy
  • Organized 38 Social activities including lunches, happy hours, theatre events, baseball games
  • Organized 11 single and multi-day cruises, Including the annual 5 day Georgetown Wooden Boat Show with 8 boats, 21 on board and a dock party with 45 people including 4 D/26 Squadrons attending
  • Supported 24 Community Service events including Horry County Parks and Recreation, North Myrtle Beach Parks and Recreation, and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
  • Developed a Life Jacket Loaner Board in conjunction with SC DNR and maintain it monthly