Educational Objectives 

The United States Power Squadrons Educational Program is diverse and challenging. It offers to the member the promise of greater enjoyment and safety in their own boating activities. In addition, the Educational Program offers the satisfaction of personal accomplishment and the opportunity to share with others the knowledge and skills the individual member has acquired. 

There are three major divisions in the USPS  Self-Educational Program:

Advanced Grades: A sequential group of five courses in seamanship and navigation. 


Elective Courses: A serise of non-sequential courses in diverse marine-oriented topics. 

  •     Engine Maintenance
  •     Weather
  •     Cruise Planning
  •     Electronic Navigation
  •     Radar for Boaters
  • Marine Electrical Systems
  • Marine Communication Systems
  • Sail
  • Instructor Development

 For a description of these courses click here

For a current offering of Advanced Grade and Elective Courses by PRSPS click on course schedule.

Seminars A collection of shortcourses on special subjects. For a complete list and description click here

Recognition Levels

USPS awards grades to its members to indicate how far they have progressed in the continuing education program. Since one of the USPS objectives is boating safety through education, USPS encourages every member to strive to achieve the Educational Proficiency level, with the ultimate goal being that of the Educational Achievement Award.

Educational Proficiency InsigniaAnyone completing a grade level of at least Advanced Pilot (AP) and three Elective Courses receives the Educational Proficiency Award.  Shown below is an AP insignia with the Educational Proficiency bar below it.

Senior Navigator InsigniaAnyone completing all Advanced Grade navigational courses that results in a grade of Navigator (N) and all Elective Courses receives the Educational Achievement Award.  This award, also known as the Senior Navigator award, is the highest educational recognition awarded by USPS.  Holders of this honor can be recognized in print by the "SN" following their name. Shown here is the Educational Achievement Award insignia that you might see on a member's uniform.

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