Peace River Sail and Power Squadron History

Peace River Power Squadron was chartered December 4, 1972.  The chartering process was a bit unusual in that the new squadron  was not sponsored by a neighboring squadron.  There was a group of  USPS members who had moved to the area from squadrons up north who were in search of a local squadron to transfer into.  Finding that none existed in or near Charlotte County, they set out to remedy the situation.  This story is contained in a series of articles published in the Peace River Pilot in September 2002. P/C Richard Bartlem, AP , editor of the Pilot,  researched the archives of the squadron and enlisted long time members who had personal knowledge of important historical events to create a written record.  These articles and other historical information are posted at the following links:

                        An Overview of the Peace River Power Squadron by Terry Karchich, AP

                        Reflections of a Charter Member by P/C Basil Banks, SN

                        A Page in the History of Peace River Power Squadron - Our Treasury's Pot of Gold by P/C  Richard Fischer, SN and P/C Harold Riley, AP

                        The Backbone of the Squadron - The People That Made it all Happen  by  P/D/Lt/C Harold W. Howard, SN


History of The "DOVES"

In 1975, the wives of Peace River Power Squadron members formed a Ladies Auxiliary which was common at that time because membership in the United States Power Squadrons was limited to men only.  The Auxiliary was named The "DOVES" and were incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Florida in 1985.   The "DOVES" participated in numerous civic functions and through their many fund raising activities made cash donations to many deserving organizations in Charlotte County.  A scholarship program was established with Charlotte County Vo-Tech Community College and the two high schools. The Peace River Power Squadron was the recipient of several cash donations throughout the years.  In 1982 the USPS Governing Board  voted to admit women as members. From that time, women were attracted to the squadron and were soon elected to Bridge and other leadership positions.  This trend made it more difficult for The "DOVES" to recruit new members and to continue their many civic and fund raising  activities.  In 1998 the members of The "DOVES" voted to disband.  Their accumulated funds were distributed to the Squadron, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Peace River Wildlife Center, Habitat for Humanity and a $5000 scholarship fund to Charlotte County Vo-Tech for deserving students.  A history of The "DOVES" was written in 1983 by then President Jean Johnson, AP.  This history covers the early years from 1974 to 1983 and can be read by clicking on the following link:

                        The History of The "DOVES" from 1974 to 1983 - by Jean Johnson, AP


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