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Lake Pleasant Rendezvous and Parties

Lake Pleasant is a close and easily accessable recreational boating area located just north of metropolitan Phoenix. The Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron holds a number of raftups and parties on and about this lake each year

. To see the photos and descriptions of these events from the past 12 months click on the links below:

Snow Cruise (Jan)

 Pre-St Patricks Day (Mar)

 Soak and Sweat (July)

 Halloween Party (Oct)

Santa Cruise (Dec)

Halloween Party
18th - 19th October 2019
Lake Pleasant

Pleasant Harbor RV Park Overflow

by Ghostmeisters

Information on the 2019 Halloween Party

Phoenix Power Squadron once again invites all members to our Halloween celebration at Lake Pleasant October 18th thru 19th. Bring your boats, RV's, friends for the day or the weekend. Location TBD as available are overlooking the Lake. Come Fri. or Sat. 5pm social hour and,dinner when we are good and ready and a movie designed to keep us all awake. Items of note; Grill, item to cook, chairs, flashlights, plates, silverware,  item to share and beverage. Sunday morning  will bring a pot luck breakfast around 9am and chance for hikes or boating.

Photos below from 2006 Party

Halloween Costumes
(l-r) Connie Johnson, Veronica and Rob Anderson
Energizer Bunny
Bill - "So where is your drum Miss Energizer Bunny"?

Our Halloween party had its share of challenges from the get go, but we always consider the unexpected more fun. Rob & Veronica Anderson and Bill & Connie Johnson became our scouts to arrive at the camp ground and settle in Friday evening. They soon found rye grass had recently been over seeded and sprinklers would come on very regularly and soak everything which meant we lost use of the Ramada.. A decision was made -settle in the gravel and we stay dry.

Improvise Lighting
 Time to improvise
Sting of Lights
Into the Dark some Light shall shine

Saturday evening brought us fair weather and some 26 members who brought more food and drink than we could possibly eat in several days. We strung lights between boats and motor homes and boat hooks and created our dinning and visiting area with vehicles and equipment surrounding us. The gravel was starting to look damn good. Some of our members had costumes and we even sported a fog machine that erupted on and off during the night. We had a great sound system which we also used for our movie later in the night.

Goodies on the Grill
Mmm, that looks good
Diane, Girls, and Dog
Diane Ashton, her two daughters and the dog
OK it is just about time to eat
You can tell it is about chow time
A watched grill
Lets watch the grill while we wait
Jean and Connie
Jean and Connie
Movie Night
Drive-In Movie -- desert style

 Fog maker
Things that hiss and steam in the night

We watched the movie The Fog and our sophomoric humor ruled the night by throwing popcorn or trying to scare my wife. You all succeeded, she can, however, get counseling I think at a low cost through work. We thought the party was over after the movie but for some it took an eerie turn. Art Ashton’s dog thought it would be great fun to chase a cat that night. But you see, that cat had stripes instead of spots. Not good at all and Art and his family resigned to leave late at night and fight the odor battle the skunk sprayed deposited back in Phoenix. Tribal knowledge now to include the secret Art found on the net to deodorize his pooch.

Twas a nice day for an outdoor breakfast 
followed by and afternoon on the lake
Follow that boat
Follow that boat - why so slow?
Allocco leads the way
David Allocco leads the way to the raft-up

Jerry Anderson in the next morning created his secret and infamous French toast and we all had a great leisurely breakfast. We managed to get at least half of our group out to Deer cove and we made a fine afternoon of it. We and our boating family had so much fun on our gravel we may skip the grass next year too.

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This page last updated 27 May 2019