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First Annual Roosevelt Rendezvous
19-21 February 2011

By Joe Warren

Six members and four boats participated in the 2011 Roosevelt Lake Rendezvous. On Saturday, February 19, Tom and Ardene Noss launched their boat, Ardene L; Danny Friend sailed on his boat, Vera Mae; David Allocco sailed Summer Nights; and Rob Anderson with crew, Joe Warren, launched Rob’s boat, Miss Behavin’ for the first time. On Sunday, February 20 the crews shifted. Rob and Joe joined David for a 13 nm sail on Summer Nights.

The two-hour trip to Windy Hill campground at Roosevelt Lake on Friday afternoon seemed relatively short, and after seeing the huge lake we wondered why we haven’t brought our boats here before. The campground provided easy access to the boat launch ramp. There were no overhead obstructions so the sailboats that stayed over night in the campground were able to keep their masts up throughout the weekend.

The weather forecast called for a chance of rain Friday night and 70 percent chance on Saturday and the same chance on Sunday. I’d like to have those chances with the lottery because it definitely rained on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Along with the rain came excellent sailing wind. With foul weather gear, a few strategically placed tarps, and some awesome hot chocolate we turned a rainy weekend into a nautical and camping adventure.

It was a very good weekend, but not everything can be covered in a short story. If you see any of the folks mentioned above you might ask them about the lady who wandered into camp because she was lost, or the fellow named Upton who was a member of the Rio Salado Power Squadron.

The trip to Roosevelt Lake is worth the effort. All agreed, we should do this again!

The picnic area at the site of the Roosevelt Lake Rendezvous

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