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Lake Pleasant Rendezvous and Parties

Lake Pleasant is a close and easily accessable recreational boating area located just north of metropolitan Phoenix. The Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron holds a number of raftups and parties on and about this lake each year

To see the photos and descriptions of these events from the past 12 months click on the links below:

Snow Cruise (Jan)

 Pre-St Patricks Day (Mar)

 Soak and Sweat (July)

 Halloween Party (Oct)

Santa Cruise (Dec)

Santa Cruise
Lake Pleasant
December 15, 2007

A wonderful raftup. Had two visitors, Mike Downey from Michigan, currently taking JN with us, D/C Doug Steward, Vernon BC, D/C of Western Canada Inland District of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron. We had 6 Boats, 15 people, lots of food and good weather.

Five of the six at the raftup

Everybody at the back of the boats
Smile and look this way

Food galore

Jackie Wanta asks for drink refill

Joe Warren (left) and Jean Gray sample a
nicely decorated cake

Ron Quagliara is so proud of his new boat he
never leaves the Captain's chair

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