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 Lynx Lake Rendezvous
4 August 2012
Prescott, AZ

Lynx Lake Rendezvous Plans
By Lt/C Jackie Wanta, S

On behalf of Ed and BJ Wojcik:

Come join us for a cool day in the pines at Lynx Lake, Prescott, AZ, August 4, 2012. We will meet at noon at the South Shore Picnic area for our usual low calorie feast. Please bring one of your favorite dishes to pass for all to enjoy. Charcoal grills will be available for your use.
Lynx Lake offers an easy level paved hiking trail that loops around the perimeter of this 55 acre lake, and small boat opportunities ( canoes, kayaks & sailboats). If you feel inclined to annoy the fish, bring your fishing polwe to see if you can land a prized Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, Crappie or Catfish.

If there are any overnight campers arriving on Friday night, we ask you to stake out the large ramada on the South Shore picnic area early on Saturday morning.

Lynx Lake is located 112 miles north of Prescott. From I 17, exit west on Arizona Route 69 toward Prescott. Before reaching Prescott, turn left ( south ) on Walker Road ( look for the Costco) and follow the signs to Lynx Lake.

On the way home, the Wojciks have selected Leff T Steakhouse on Route 69 for dinner. Arrangements are being made to secure the patio area for the group.

The Wojicks may not be able to attend this event, but are doing the planning.

In the meantime, should you have any questions, or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to call me.

Hope to see you there!

* * *

 Lynx Lake Rendezvous
9 August 2008
Prescott, AZ

Photos and words by Cdr Bill Johnson

On 9 August, a gathering occurred of hardy members of our squadron at a lake located over a mile above sea level. We knew that if anyone could conquer this lake it had to be squadron member from Arizona.

The lead party (Ed & BJ Wojcik) scouted the lake using prior experience (this is the sixth annual event) to secure the premier ramada at zero dark-thirty plus (0700 for the precise nautical crew). This was just in time to assist the Campground Host to clean the tables of choice. Such dedication to the cause is difficult to properly reward.

The participants began to congregate through-out the morning to a peak attendance of 16 plus two dark dogs for protection.
The weather couldn’t have been better. Temperature in the 70’s, partly cloudy (a couple darker clouds) and a history of nice weather and minor dampness kept our spirits high. Kayaks left the friendly shores early for a exploration of the hidden treasures of this jewel of lake. Gentle breezes carried our squadron members to all of the nooks and crannies of this mystic lake in the pines. They returned to watch the only sail boat of this event ( a radio controlled vessel of modest means) navigate the windward shores under the guidance of our Sail course instructor.

Attendees of the event included: Ed & BJ Wojcik, Jerry & Kathy Anderson, David & Janet Allocco, Jim & Marge Hill, Terry & Jean Gray, Jane Peterson (Chuck was off playing Volleyball in Prescott), John & Barb Lusson, and Connie & Bill Johnson.

Only minor mishaps caused the put-downs and bottom scrapes on the sailing vessel due to learning curves of the skipper to the operational problems of not being inside the vessel when the boom swings. The skipper stated that he only used the oversized outboard motor for minor course changes (yeah!). The display of this vessel drew the attention of several people walking around the area. Our Sail master was glad to explain and demonstrate the operation of the vessel when asked.

The obligatory sacrifices over the coals began on time and with many waiting for the chance to enjoy the wonderful shared dishes brought by all. I’m told that we had more than needed to satisfy an army of over a thousand, but a severe hole was produced by the dieting members of our squadron (oops, I meant the non-dieting members).

Approximately, 15 seconds after the desert plates were dished, we received a minor shower in the southwest side of the dinning area. A strategic re-deployment of the members was conducted with great distinction. A demilitarized zone of more than 12 feet was vacated to the elements. No casualties or loss of food indicated the success of the move.

While the post action meeting was being conducted 15 minutes later (over the remaining deserts), an insightful comment was heard that the wind had just changed direction to the northeast and it may bring the weather back . Small conversations dismissing this forecast as needing the blessing of the great forecaster (Bob Schloeman) were put to rest when the rains started.

To the amazement of all, the remaining three-quarters of the ramada were washed to specification, while the temperature continued to plummet. Minor hail was observed landing around the area. After a hurried repositioning of the resources (jackets, raincoats, towels and any thing else handy) onto the survivors, we enjoyed the changes in the positions of the people in the other (smaller) armadas and the open park benches around the area. I’m proud to announce that not a soul of our membership abandoned the food or the picnic. The same cannot be said of the other ramadas.

After the dampness had finished, a clean-up was accomplished by all. A few of the die-hard’s went to Olive Garden for a minor replenishment of energy. The evening finished with a campfire by the campers. One of our squadron courses really should teach how to properly get a fire going with wet fuel, safely!

On Sunday morning, a joint breakfast was held at the local Coco’s to ensure that this group vacated the pristine pine forests of the Prescott with all remaining squadron members accounted for.

Thank you to both Ed & BJ for a wonderful weekend. Plan on joining us next year for the Seventh Annual Lynx Lake Rendezvous.

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