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USPS® is the first organization to join the USCGAux in the first expansion of the NEW VSCP with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in January 2000. With the signing of this agreement USPS Leadership is committed to making the VSC Program work.

Phoenix SPS and USCG Aux

A joint program like this requires a TEAM Spirit. USPS and the USCGAux have always been partners in the safe boating education arena. USPS has been a national leader in Safe Boating Education. "Safe Boating Through Education" has been the cornerstone of our organization for over 85 years. We all know Recreational Boating Safety saves lives. VSCP provides significant benefits to recreational boaters. Missing, damaged, and/or malfunctioning safety equipment for recreational vessels can be identified at the dock or on land and installed, replaced, or fixed to ensure ready availability in a potential emergency.

When boats are being inspected to insure basic safety items are accounted for many people want their boat to pass. A fair amount of anxiety arises when the big day comes. All VSE's strive to insure that the experience is positive and all party's depart with positive attitudes.

This is the time of year we vessel safety inspectors VESSEL INSPECTORS really get busy. We start checking boats as the spring season approaches. We inspect all the boats we can from those who volunteer. We do this for the safety of boats in the Squadron and as well as for everyone else interested in a Vessel Inspection..

If anyone is interested in becoming a vessel inspector, please give P/C Ron Werner a call. We had our first inspection by Mary Hora who was eagerly awaiting the new year. Please give one of our VSE's a call (see the list below) if you would like a vessel check.

We check for: (where appropriate)
1. Numbering
2. Registration
3. Personal flotation devices (PFD's)
4. Visual distress signals
5. Fire extinguishers
6. Ventilation
7. Backfire flame arrester
8. Sound producing devices
9. Navigations lights
10. Pollution placard
11. Marpol Trash Placard
12. Marine sanitation device
13. Navigation rules
14. State and local requirements
15. Overall boat condition
a. Deck free of hazards and clean bilge
b. Electrical and fuel Systems
c. Fuel systems-portable fuel tanks
d. Galley and heating Systems

Get your boat inspected, ask questions and enjoy the experience. For an email address to a Vessel Safety Check Examiner near you all you need is your zip code.


Get a Free Vessel Safety Check

Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron Vessel Safety Check Examiners at work

Powerboat VSC  Sailboat VSC
PWC Inspection   Power Boat Inspection

VSC Cap & Checklist
Vessel Safety Check Examiners Cap and Checklist

Get your inspection and a sticker from one of the following VSC examiners:
(As of 15 November 2015)


 Terry Gray


 Jean Gray


 William A. Johnson 4 1 05/17/2015
 John J. Lusson


 Jackie Wanta


 Ron D. Werner


 Rose M. Werner

VSCs for prior years
 Year  VSCs Prior Year  Passed  Pass/Fail
2015 60 94% 42 70%
2014 64 125% 47 73%
2013 51 80% 37 77%
 2012 64 88% 48 75%
 2011 73 122% 50 68%
 2010 60 76% 39 65%
 2009 79 146% 57 72%
2008 54 75% 36 67%
2006 71 120% 51 72%
2005 59 81% 45 92%
2004 73 113% 57 78%
2003 70 113% 58 68%

For the email address of a Vessel Safety Check Examiner near you all you need is your zip code.

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This page last updated 15 November 2015