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Editors of the Coastal Plains Signal from 1981 to Present.

The Coastal Plains Signal received the Distinction in Journalism Award for 1982, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1996 through 2013 and 2015 through 2017 (Editors in bold blue).  In 2010 this was changed to the Distinctive Communicator Award. 

Michael J. Anderson, S 1981
Larry W. Battle, AP 1982
H. C. Bueck, P 1983
James R. Nichols, AP 1984
Bowie G. Martin, S 1985
P/C W. T. Jones, P 1986
Cdr Matthew T. Strickland, AP 1987
P/C James F. Dugan III, AP 1988-1989
David W. Bryant, S 1990
Theresa Eason, AP 1991
Kathleen R. Deans, S 1992
Louis J. Rosas, Jr., S 1993-1994
Wilma A. Helm, S 1995
P/C James F. Dugan III, SN 1996-2007
P/C Phillip A. Benson, JN 2008-2013
P/C Phillip A. Benson, JN2014
P/C Phillip A. Benson, JN2015-2018

This list was developed from Squadron Rosters and some substitutions may have occurred.  The Editor for 1987 and/or 1990 may have been Resa Eason or Jim Nichols. 


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