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The America's Boating Club San Antonio (formerly San Antonio Sail and Power Squadron)is one of the more than 450 squadrons that make up the United States Power Squadrons®. The USPS® was organized in 1914 as a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable. Each of the squadrons is assigned to one of 33 districts. The America's Boating Club San Antonio was chartered in 1958 and is in District 21. The members are boating families who contribute to the community by promoting safe boating through education and example. 

The mission of the America's Boating Club San Antonio, a unit of the United States Power Squadrons®, and District 21, is to promote safe boating through high standards of navigation and seamanship.  The squadron, which includes both power boaters and sailors, is actively seeking new members. To join the Squadron, a prospective member must first successfully complete a Public Safe Boating or a Boat Smart class.

You can save money too, just for taking the public class!  Many insurance companies offer discounts to boat owners who have successfully completed this course.

SAFE BOATING does not just happen.  If you are on the waterways, it is important to have basic boating knowledge, like "rules of the road".  These rules will define who is expected to do what in a given situation during normal operation of the boat, or in a crisis situation. You can learn all this, and more,  by taking the classes offered by America's Boating Club San Antonio.

Upon completion of the public course, consider joining the Power Squadron and continuing your boating education by taking many of the advanced classes available.   Throughout the year, we teach advanced and elective courses for our members.   A member can progress from basic boating knowledge to advanced navigation through the comprehensive courses offered.  Members can also take courses in marine electronics, sail, engine maintenance, cruise planning, weather, and many other specialty interests.

The Power Squadron courses have helped many individuals prepare for the Coast Guard OUPV (6-Pack) exam.

In addition, you can become part of a strictly volunteer, non-profit organization, that has an objective of Self Education, being a Fraternal Boating Club, and performing Civic Services.  If you are a member of the United States Power Squadrons who has moved into this area and want to transfer to the San Antonio Power Squadron, or if you would like to take the Public Boating course, click here for contact information.

Through out the year there will be get-togethers that allow members to both test their boating skill and knowledge while getting together socially.  But you can't join in unless you're a member! 


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