On this page you will find Historical/Hysterical Photos and Photos submitted by our members

The photos below were taken at the November 2008 Meeting with guests: Suffolk County Marine Bureau


The photos below were submitted by P/C J. Brennan. Click on the thumbnail to view the picture larger.

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The photos below were scanned from P/C Steve Ciaravella's photo album.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture

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The photos below were scanned in from the Historian's SBPS Albums

P/C's J. Friedland, S. Ciaravella & D. O'Brien at Whisper

for the USPS 75th Anniversary and National Ensign at SBPS



P/C J. Brennan receiving SBPS Charter from P/C M. L' Hommedieu COW '96, MC P/C A. Hiltunen

Can you identify these two guys?

P/C J. Davis receiving D/3 Officer's Flag  D/3 COW 1982

P/C's A. Hiltunen & J. Tipaldo in serious conversation


P/C's J. Friedland, D. Burden & D. Poupard 1987 Ladies Nite

XMAS Gong Show 1979  left to right: B. Junge, G. Gluck, unknown, P/C A. Nusted

Smithtown Memorial Day Parade Circa ?

1990 First Mates Dance Sheet Cake

SBPS Hospitality Suite, Smithtown Sheraton, D/3 COW 1982


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