On these pages you will find Historical Facts of the Smithtown Bay Power Squadron

Historian: P/C Daniel J. O'Brien, SN





If you are not a native of Smithtown Township, you may not know the history of how Smithtown was founded.

P/C Marcial L'Hommedieu, a charter member of the Smithtown Bay Power Squadron, vividly recalls when the Squadron was recognized by USPS® in 1950. He tells new members the following heritage of the Burgee.

The bull on the burgee represents a "revered bull" figure in the history of the town, located on the north shore of Long Island, NY. The red, white and blue colors represent the National Colors. It seems that in 1665, a man named Richard Smith, the legendary founder of Smithtown, owned a bull named "Whisper".  As the legend goes the local Indians made a pact with Smith, an English settler, who knew a good real estate deal when he saw one. He could keep whatever land he could encircle in a days time, riding atop his trusty bull Whisper.

Smith, a clever man, waited for the longest day of the year to undertake the trek. The day before the trip, he even trotted out Whispers' favorite cow, to trace the course. Her fetching scent would surely quicken Whispers' pace and get Smith to the end of the 55 mile border on time. Naturally the trip was successful and what later became Smithtown, was his land.

This is the legend.

Of course, history challenges this version, but it's a nice community yarn and it is always interesting to see the reactions as it is related to new members.

This article was submitted by P/Lt./C Harry Walter

Ed note: This is no Bull!

The above story was featured in the July - Aug,  2005 Issue of the Ensign.



On July 12, 1950 Smithtown Bay held it's "Charter and Initiation" night dinner meeting at the Longview Restaurant, St. James, NY. Total attendance was 65 people. Our Commander was Vincent L. Kramer, N.

This is a copy of the Squadrons Original Charter dated

 14 April 1950


Clarence Acker* Earl R. Scott*                           
Frank Corbani* P/C James M. Shay*
Andrew A. Everett William Takats
P/C Karl M. Kirsch* S.T. Tassinari
P/C Vincent L. Kramer* John C. Tompson
George E Leuchner* William Wadelton*
P/C Marcial B. L'Hommedieu* Robert F. Wagner*
Patrick O'Sullivan William A. Wilson*
William Poulson, Jr. John W. Wolf*
Boris Radoyovich  

      (* Deceased)

                  The photographs below were submitted to us by Paul Leuchner son of George E. Leuchner, AP  one of the Charter Members of the Squadron. These  photos are from the early 50's.

On the left is Commander Vince Kramer, N with George standing beside him. This photo was taken at Stony Brook Harbor, the Stony Brook Yacht Club is believed to be in the background. The Squadron was participating with the US Army seen on the right for some exercise.

The above photos appear to be a Squadron Booth, location/event unknown, with Commander Vince Kramer,N and George. Leuchner, AP on the left speaking to some prospective boaters. In the right photo George is speaking to a prospective boater.


The following is an excerpt from the 1975 Smithtown Bay 25th Anniversary Program written by P/C John McCarthy, AP

"During 1954 Past Commander Kramer was appointed "Education Officer" by Commander Karl M. Kirsch for the purpose of arranging and coordinating educational activities of the squadron. It was not until several years later that the National Body officially recognized and created this office. It is the most difficult and time consuming position in any squadron.

During the 25 years of its existence, our squadron has had two Educational Officers.

The father of our squadron, Vincent Kramer developed the office from its infancy, and devoted many hundreds of hours preparing teaching aids and instructors to carry out our education program. Many of the aids that Commander Kramer toiled over are still in use in our classes.

Our second Educational Officer P/C George Holst, a protégé of Commander Kramer has during the past ten years, spent several more hundred hours extending these programs, to include new courses as well as adding instructions for young boaters as authorized by the State of New York.*

* An error was made in the transfer of data from the original Twenty-Five Year History Manuscript to the printed program. Changes should be made as shown below.

P/C George Holst, N was the third Squadron Educational Officer.

Our second Educational Officer was Past Commander Valentine Kiefer, JN a protégé of Past Commander Vincent Kramer, N. He devoted much time and energy to continuing the programs of Past Commander Kramer .He also designed and constructed teaching aids, some of them quite intricate."



The Squadron Publication is officially known as the "WHITE CAPS"

The cover page shown below is from Volume 1, Issue #3 dated December 1951

Shown below is the current cover page design which you can see is

 quite similar

In 2009 with the expansion into the internet we went to e-mail for the "White Caps" with the below cover page.

In 2015 the cover page was modified to incorporate the new National Branding layout as shown below.

Below is the cover page reflecting the new USPS Branding Americas Boating Club


* 1950-1952 VINCENT L. KRAMER, N * 1981-1982 ARTHUR L. NUSTED, P
* 1952-1954 JAMES N. SHAY, AP    1982-1983 BEN LA ROSA,  AP
* 1954-1956 KARL M. KIRSH, AP    1983-1984 DANIEL J. O'BRIEN, SN
   1956-1957 VALENTINE KEIFER, JN    1984-1985 EUGENE HOUGHTON, AP
   1957-1958 WALTER MOXON, JN    1985-1986 RICHARD LEATHERMAN,  SN
* 1958-1959 GEORGE W. HOLST, N  * 1986-1987 FRANK LA ROSA, P
   1959-1960 ROBERT H. DENTON, AP    1987-1988 RICHARD POUPARD, SN
* 1960-1962 CHARLES  L'HOMMEDIEU    1988-1989 DONALD E. BURDEN, JN
* 1962-1963 JAMES R. BRANNIGAN, AP    1989-1990 JEROME E. FRIEDLAND, JN
* 1963-1964 ALEX  SONNENBERG,  JN * 1990-1991 STEPHEN  CIARAVELLA, P
   1964-1965 OSCAR E. OLIN, AP  * 1991-1992 JAMES J. BRENNAN, P
   1965-1966 HAROLD DAVIS, AP    1992-1994 RAYMOND V. DRISCOLL, P
* 1966-1967 HENRY H. COOK, AP *  1994-1995 MARCIAL L'HOMMEDIEU, P
   1967-1968 ADAM S. MAY, JR.,  JN    1995-1996 Dr. ROBERT L. RUPNICK, AP
   1968-1969 JOHN CERNY, AP  * 1996-1998 JAMES E. BRENNAN, P
   1969-1970 GEORGE VOGT, N   * 1998-2000 JOSEPH F. TIPALDO, AP
   1970-1971 EDWARD L. MOORE, AP    2000-2001 ANTHONY BHARAT, P
   1971-1972 DONALD S. COHEN, N    2001-2003 WILLIAM HOFFMAN, P
* 1972-1973 ALDOLPHUS  LA ROCHE, N    2003-2004 ANTHONY BHARAT, P
   1973-1974 ALLAN S. HILTUNEN, SN    2004-2006 DENNIS SCHUG, AP
 *  1974-1975 JOSEPH F. TIPALDO, AP   2006-2010 MARC GOTTLIEB, AP
* 1975-1976 JOHN J. McCARTHY, AP   2010- 2012  RICHARD SILVA, AP
* 1976-1977 JAMES E. DAVIS, JN   2012- 2014  DOUGLAS SCHROEDER, AP
 *  1977-1978 RICHARD S. PRUITT, SN    2014-2016 THOMAS RONDI, AP
*  1978-1979 GEORGE R. DECKER, P   2016- 2018 DOUGLAS SCHROEDER, AP
     1979-1980 JOSEPH ZIMMER,  AP    2018- present THOMAS RONDI, AP
 * 1980-1981 JOHN ROSLAWSKI, P  


Past Commanders at the 56th COW 4/12/06

Left to Right: James Brennan*, Anthony Bharat, Daniel O'Brien, Dennis Schug, Bill Hoffman, Marcial L'Hommedieu*, Raymond Driscoll, Dr. Robert Rupnick, Joseph Tipaldo*, Allan Hiltunen.


  1984 P/C James E. Davis, SN *

1990 P/C Joseph Zimmer, AP

    1996 P/C Jerome Friedland, JN


Life Members are those who have earned 25 Merit Marks

P/C Donald Cohen, N

P/Lt./C Gilbert Gluck, SN *

P/C Allan S. Hiltunen, SN

P/C Marcial B. L'Hommedieu, P*

P/C Daniel J. O'Brien, SN

P/C Robert Runick, AP

Lt./C John Rockensies, SN *

P/C Joseph F. Tipaldo, AP *

P/D/C Joseph Zimmer, AP


P/C Marcial L'Hommedieu, P* Member Emeritus 50 Merit Marks

P/C Donald Cohen, N

P/C Allan Hiltunen, SN, Member Emeritus 50 Merit Marks

*P/C Joseph Tipaldo AP Member Emeritus 50 Merit Marks

P/C Daniel OBrien SN


                  Shirley Davis*      Bea Holst*      Claire McCarthy*      P/Lt. Richard Tepedino, AP *

* Deceased



1951 Honorable Mention Teaching Aids Harbor Model. The original was donated to the Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy.

1982 Teaching Aids 2nd Place - Sail

1984 Teaching Aids 1st Place - Seamanship

2005 Web Site Excellence Award

2006 Membership Growth Award 13.73%

2006 Co-op Charting Program- Marc Gottlieb National Rank 533

2007 Web Site Award

2008 Web Site Excellence Award

2009 Web Site Excellence Award

2010 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2010 National Growth Award

2011 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2011 DIR Award (Doing It Right)

2012 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2012 NBF/USPS Excellence in Recreational Boating Education Award.

2013 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2013 DIR Award (Doing It Right)

2014 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2015 MIRA (Membership Retention Involvement Award).

2015 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2016 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2017 MIRA (Membership Retention Involvement Award).

2017 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

P/C Allan Hiltunen and P/C Joseph Tipaldo Awarded Member Emeritus 50 Merit Mark Awards.

William Dimmler 25 year Member Award

2018 MIRA (Membership Retention Involvement Award).

2018 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2019 MIRA (Membership Retention Involvement Award).

2019 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2021 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website and White Caps Publication.

2022 MIRA (Membership Retention Involvement Award).

2022 Educational Fund Award


1951, 1963, 1965  Haedrich Memorial Trophy

1966, 1969 Prince Henry Navigation Trophy

1981 Teaching Aid Awards, Sail, JN, Marine Electronics

1982 Teaching Aid Awards, 1st Place Boating, 2nd Place Piloting, 3rd Place Marine Electronics, JN, Seamanship.

1983 3rd Place DEO Award, Honorable Mention Price Henry Trophy,  Teaching Aid Awards 1st Place Engine Maintenance, 2nd Place Marine Electronics, Weather, 3rd Place Sail.

1984 Teaching Aid Awards 2nd Place Weather, 3rd Place Seamanship.

1987 Headrich Memorial Trophy, Training Aid Awards 1st Place Seamanship, Engine Maintenance.

1988 Teaching Aid Awards 1st Place Instructor Qualification, Engine Maintenance, 3rd Place Sail and Seamanship.

1989 DEO Award, Teaching Aid Awards 1st Place Engine Maintenance, Boating.

1991 Karl Walter Memorial Trophy.

1998 Prince Henry Navigation Trophy, Robert R. Rachoi Memorial Award

2001 Prince Henry Navigation Award, 2nd Place Robert R. Rochoi Memorial Award, Bowsprint Award.

2003 Haedrich Memorial Trophy

2009 Haedrich Memorial Trophy (2nd place)

2010 P/C Allan Hiltunen received the D-3 Nomination for the National Chapman award and received the Anthony A. Scimeca Memorial Award.

2011 Haedrich Memorial Trophy

2011  2nd place for the DEO Award

2011 3rd Place Co-Op Charting Award

2012  Haedrich Memorial Trophy

2012 DIR Award (Doing It Right)

2012 George. W. Popella (Co-OP Charting) 3rd place Award

2014 2nd Place Seamanship Training Aids

2015 3rd Place Haedrich Memorial Trophy & DEO Award

2016 Haedrich Memorial Trophy Award

2019 District Educator Award DEO


Vincent Kramer Memorial Fund

The Vincent L. Kramer Fund was established in September 1974 with a bequeath of $2000 to the Squadron for the purpose of establishing an award in his name the interest from which shall be used for educational purposes.

George Holst Memorial Fund

A Memorial Fund was established  in 1987 to honor P/C George W. Holst, N. This fund was established in his name with the principal to remain untouched, with interest from the fund to be used for the general needs of the squadron.



On April 28, 1990 a 40th Anniversary Dinner Cruise was held aboard the 160 foot "Princess of New York" in New York Harbor. If you want to read about and see photos of the festivities click on the link below.



See Photo Album 19


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