Serving the Savannah GA Area

The United States Power Squadrons, Founded in 1914, our parent organization, USPS, is a private nonprofit, non-governmental, and non-military association of pleasure boaters, both motor and sail. Boat ownership is not a requirement for membership. Nationwide, USPS enrolls about 50,000 members, making it the largest private association of boaters in the world. National headquarters are at Raleigh, N.C. Our 450 squadrons are organized into 33 geographic districts throughout the 50 states and overseas. The Tybee Light Sail and Power Squadron belongs to District 26 which includes South Carolina and Coastal Georgia. USPS is closely associated with the Canadian Power Squadron.

All power squadrons share certain characteristics. Squadrons are composed entirely of volunteers; no member is paid for any activity he or she performs. A symbol of USPS is a triangle. Its three sides represent the three main concerns of USPS: public service, member education and enjoyable boating. USPS, its districts and squadrons have been granted tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 because of its nationwide educational activities. This privilege entails benefits and responsibilities for USPS members: money expended for official USPS activities is tax exempt; but members are expected to respect the foundations of private association which underlie the legal status of USPS.

The principal aims of the United States Power Squadrons (USPS) are threefold:

To promote public boating safety.

To increase boating knowledge among our members through special courses,
text books, examinations and national certification.

And to enjoy boating activities with family and friends.

Social and Organizational Activities

Dinner meetings -
Tybee Light Sail and Power Squadron members meet once a month to dine together in an area
restaurant or park, to hear a speaker or watch a program of nautical interest, and to
enjoy each other's company.
Group cruises -
Tybee Light Sail and Power Squadron members gather frequently to cruise to a local water
front restaurant or private beach Hammock to enjoy lunch.
Service activities -
Tybee Light Sail and Power Squadron members participate in a number of activities
including local "Clean Coast" beach and marsh cleanup days and "The Dolphin Project",
whose purpose is to scientifically track dolphins to determine where they go, what they
do and keep them safe.