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Welcome to Swiftwater Sail and Power Squadron! You may be wondering exactly what the United States Power Squadrons is and what Swiftwater can do for you. Swiftwater Sail and Power Squadron is a division of the United States Power Squadrons with approximately 48,000 members, nationally. United States Power Squadrons is divided into districts and each district is further divided into squadrons. Swiftwater Sail and Power Squadron is one of 17 squadrons in District 6.

There are three main functions of all power squadrons. One function of power squadrons is Boating Education and Safety. Swiftwater provides many courses and seminars that include basic through advanced courses. Here are some of the courses that are regularly offered each year; Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, Navigation, Marine Electronics, Marine Engine Maintenance, Operations Training, Weather, Sail and Cruise Planning. We also offer seminars: GPS, Knots, Locks and Lakes, Paddle Smart and many others.

The second function of power squadrons is civic and volunteer duties to local communities. ABC Basic Boating courses including Personal Watercraft certification are open to the public. Members of our squadron are certified vessel safety examiners who help area boaters achieve voluntary compliance with federal and state recreational boating safety laws. Our vessel safety examiners examine boats and provide dated stickers showing full compliance to boat owners. The Cooperative Charting program is in close coordination with the Marine Chart Division of NOAA leading to corrections to nautical charts and publications through an Adopt-A-Chart Program.

The third function of power squadrons relates to meetings and social events. United States Power Squadrons are a fraternal organization and members develop close relationships with fellow squadron members. Each squadron enjoys cultural, informational and social programs and events throughout the year including picnics, dinner programs and rendezvous weekends that can be attended by boat or car.

Please let me know how Swiftwater can help you and your family to enjoy safe boating and boating activities, courses and programs. I am personally looking forward to getting to know all of our members.

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