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Vessel Safety Checks

Get a Free Vessel Safety Check

VSCThe Vessel Safety Check program is a joint venture of the Power Squadron with the Coast Guard. At no cost to the boating public, trained members of the Power Squadron set up checking areas at various boating venues on Lake Erie, local inland lakes such as Pleasant Hill and Charles Mills Reservoir, public docking areas, marinas, etc.  You can even contact a vessel safety inspector to arrange for them to check your boat at a mutually agreed upon place and time.  They will then check your vessel to make certain it complies with the minimum federal and state boating laws. This inspection generally lasts 30-45 minutes. If your vessel meets all requirements, you will receive the distinctive decal that indicates this to the Coast Guard, Highway Patrol, Harbor Patrol, etc, that your vessel passed safety inspection. If your boat does not pass, you will receive a written report indicating what needs correction. The Vessel Safety Program does not issue fines. Sometimes what is needed for your boat to be in compliance can be obtained at the local marina or marine store. You can then ask to have your boat re-inspected. This simple, free inspection lets boaters know their boat meets safety requirements. It can also help a boater avoid a costly fine that the Coast Guard can impose should their inspection discover violations of boating safety laws.