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K Lang


What's its all about? Well, Auxiliaries have been around almost as long as the Squadrons with whom they are affiliated and for most of those years, provided a wonderful forum for the ladies of Squadron members to support and actively participate in USPS social, boating and educational activities. Then in the 1980's, when ladies were permitted to become Squadron members, interest in Auxiiaries ebbed significantly, membership declined, and many have gone away. Even Squadron bridges and their commanders, enjoying the infusion of many new members, had poor vision about the continued value and unique contribution an auxiliary offers.
Currently there are two dozen auxiliaries ranging from less than 10 members to over 100. They are comprosed of a broad cross section of men, women and young adults  from evey corner of America, many of whom are also Squadron members--but this in no way compromises a member's time or effort in Squadron assignments--in fact it actually enriches--a busy person often does a better job.

Why USPS is better for its Auxiliaries
1. They have traditionally and continue today to organize and execute the vast majority of the social leg of the USPS Triangle.
2. They are THE BEST fundraisers and are therefore able to contribute financially to educational and other needs of the parent squadron.
3. They directly support educational programs through proctoring, exam grading, youth programs, educational seminars, and almost every other aspect of both internal and external educational activities.
4. They perform many of the tasks associated with publications, communications, and chart correction thereby relieving Squadron members to focus on strategies and execution of their primary purpose.
5. They provide a simple forum for family involvement and other newcomers in boating and Squadron activities without a big commitment or financial outlay.

Checkout our webiste and see who's who and what's going on. We have a lot of fun doing what we do.

Squadron Commander! Now Hear This!
Axiom: No committee within the Squadron can do well what an auxiliary can do as a stand alone organization with pride, camaraderie, its own identity!
Breathe new life, energy and membership into your Squadron.
    A. Support and strengthen your faltering Auxiliary, or
    B. Re-charter your defunt Auxiliary, or
    C. Start a new one!
You'll like what you've done.

Auxiliary Chair
Stf/C Karl Lang, SN

USPS Cookbook Website

By Land or By Sea, Cuisine of the United States Power Squadrons
is more than just another cookbook. In addition to all the best recipes contributed by the members of USPS, it includes brief histories of the Auxiliaries, squadrons and USPS. It also includes ideas for fund raisers, special events, crafts and many other ideas gathered throughout USPS. By Land or By Sea was the idea of the National Auxiliary Advisory Committee. It was conceived with a dual purpose, as a guidebook to be used by squadrons and to increase organizational exposure and visibility in the public sector. Not to be outdone in the kitchen, the Past Chief Commanders of USPS have stepped up to contribute to By Land or By Sea.

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