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Wilmington Raftup
Wilmington Power Squadron's circle of friends raft up

If you have a Cruise and/or Rendezvous that is not listed or needs to be changed, just use the link to the online Cruise and Rendezvous Registration form to submit the updates. The deadline for inclusion in the ENSIGN® is 6 weeks prior to the month of the C&R.

Check the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page if you have need of further information about the Cruise and Rendezvous program.

Would you like a little help in organizing a Cruise or Rendezvous? Something you might not have thought of? Great events always start with a plan and the USPS Cruise and Rendezvous Planning Guide is available to assist you in achieving that objective.

The Schedules and Guide are available to USPS members via the following link:

USPS Member Cruise & Rendezvous Schedules and Planning Guide

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