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Some districts and squadrons take their Boating Course students for cruises that promote USPS marketing, membership and education. These cruises are great experiences for squadrons and their students.

District 4 has been conducting highly successful educational cruises since 1995. The cruise consists of a trip around New York Harbor. The 3 hour cruise is set to sail before sunset so the students are able to observe the aids to navigation during daylight ant then again at night. The Peace River Power Squadron (D/22) conducts a similar cruise as shown in the photos below.

Peace River Educational Cruise

Good Times Too with banner

A narration is provided to point out the aids and share the history of the harbor and surrounding area. With the permission of National Ocean Service (NOS), the students are provided with a segment of a full color chart that indicates the course, landmarks, and aids to navigation.

Students study the charts
A full boat load
(Photos courtesy of the Peace River Power Squadron)

Educational Cruise and Planning Guide for USPS Members

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