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We in the Squadron Activities Committee are the fun part of USPS. Our Goal is a friend in every port by water or land. With either the Amateur Radio Directory, Cruise and Rendezvous Listings and Guide, over 500 Port Captains, are ready to serve you as a live up-to-the-minute cruising guides and resources.


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Members of the 2015 Squadron Activities Committee

Committee Chairman
R/C Paula F. Mizell, JN

Assistant Committee Chairman
Stf/C Jerry Wayne Madden, AP

Assistant Committee Chairman
Stf/C James H. Strothers, SN-IN

R/C Bruce A. Albertson, SN Stf/C Michael M. Neal, P
P/D/C Arnold M. Bucksbaum, SN P/R/C Lois Neef, P
P/D/C Juan Cordova, JN Mary Palmer, P
D/Lt Marion L. Cartwright, AP P/Stf/C Iris L. Reddy, SN
P/R/C Priscilla B. Clarke, AP P/C Kathy Redford, AP
P/R/C Charles D Davenport, SN P/C Jeanne A. Sangiorgio, AP
P/D/C John H. Graves II, JN P/D/C Michael J. Sangiorgio, SN
P/D/C John L. Hayden, SN Lt/C Henry C. Schwartz
P/D/C Robbie Jarrell, AP P/D/C Donald Stark, JN
P/D/C Carlton E. Lee Jr., JN
P/D/C Larry E. Stout, JN
P/Stf Sally C. Lemus, P P/R/C Jim Strothers, SN
Stf/C Jerry Madden, AP P/C Leon Barry Warshaw, S
P/C Ken Mizell, JN R/C Michael S. Wiedel, JN
R/C Paula F. Mizell, JN  
Norma Morris, P
P/D/C Robert L. Morris, AP  
P/C Bob Mueller, JN

Contact information for any Squadron Activities Committee member is available in the
USPS National Directory.

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