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Cooperative Charting


CoCh Committee

  R/C Diane M. Julum, JN-IN

Asst Chairman
  Stf/C Thomas J. Peltier, SN-IN

Asst Chairman
  Stf/C Phillip A. Benson, JN

  Barbara Shively

District Reps:

Districts 14 and 29
D/Lt/C Mahmoud M. Abdel-Monem, SN

Districts 9 and 19
Stf/C Phillip A. Benson, JN

Districts 10 and 13
P/C Glen Blake, N-CN

Districts 7 and 17
P/D/C Mack L. Gordy, Jr. AP

District 2
Lt/C Thurston L. Gray, SN

Districts 5 and 6
D/Lt Joanne Hancock, SN

Districts 4 and 26
D/Lt Thomas Hancock, SN

Districts 23 and 32
P/D/C James V. Hardin Jr., JN-CN

Districts 15 and 16
R/C Diane Julum, JN

Districts 11 and 20
D/Lt/C John E. Knapp, SN

Districts 1 and 12
P/C Billy Owens, AP

Districts 21 and 24
Stf/C Thomas J. Peltier, SN

Districts 3 and 33
R/C John J. Rodgers, SN-IN

Districts 22 and 30
P/C Stephen R. Schmidt, JN

Districts 25 and 28
P/D/C Dave Shively, JN

Districts 8 and 27
P/R/C James H. Strothers, SN-IN

Special Technical Asst
  P/R/C Horst Boettge, SN

Special Asst - WEBMASTER
  Lt/C Thurston L. Gray, SN

  Russ Proctor

  Duane Morrison



You can get involved in Cooperative Charting with a minimum of effort. After that you can decide how much further you want to get involved at any point. However, I warn you to be careful; it can be an insideously habit-forming activity!

There are scads of people who can tell you how to get involved. First, there's your Squadron Cooperative Charting Chairman. If you don't know who he or she is ask another of your squadron members.

Then there is the district Cooperative Charting Chairman. Ask a member of your squadron bridge how to contact him or her.

If all of that fails, you can contact the Area Representative for your district (who is a member of the National Cooperative Charting Committee). On this website on the "National Committee page" is a listing of National Committee members with their pictures and email addresses.

Also, download and view/print the newly revised (April 2015) Cooperative Charting Manual.

As a last resort, you can contact the Chairman of the National Cooperative Charting Committee (though have-a-heart, he or she is one busy person).

The very best way is to get connected with someone in your squadron who is active in Cooperative Charting. Join them and get directly into Cooperative Charting activities.

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