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Cooperative Charting


CoCh Committee

  R/C Diane M. Julum, JN-IN

Asst Chairman
  Stf/C Thomas J. Peltier, SN-IN

Asst Chairman
  Stf/C Phillip A. Benson, JN

  Barbara Shively

District Reps:

Districts 14 and 29
D/Lt/C Mahmoud M. Abdel-Monem, SN

Districts 9 and 19
Stf/C Phillip A. Benson, JN

Districts 10 and 13
P/C Glen Blake, N-CN

Districts 7 and 17
P/D/C Mack L. Gordy, Jr. AP

District 2
Lt/C Thurston L. Gray, SN

Districts 5 and 6
D/Lt Joanne Hancock, SN

Districts 4 and 26
D/Lt Thomas Hancock, SN

Districts 23 and 32
P/D/C James V. Hardin Jr., JN-CN

Districts 15 and 16
R/C Diane Julum, JN

Districts 11 and 20
D/Lt/C John E. Knapp, SN

Districts 1 and 12
P/C Billy Owens, AP

Districts 21 and 24
Stf/C Thomas J. Peltier, SN

Districts 3 and 33
R/C John J. Rodgers, SN-IN

Districts 22 and 30
P/C Stephen R. Schmidt, JN

Districts 25 and 28
P/D/C Dave Shively, JN

Districts 8 and 27
P/R/C James H. Strothers, SN-IN

Special Technical Asst
  P/R/C Horst Boettge, SN

Special Asst - WEBMASTER
  Lt/C Thurston L. Gray, SN

  Russ Proctor

  Duane Morrison



The Nautical Chart Corrections is the backbone of the USPS Cooperative Charting Program.

Suggested items to check:
*Aids to Navigation Artificial Reef
Bridge Dam
Depth Legend Discrete Data Point
Duck Blinds Fish Stakes
**Geographic Names Landmark
Note Change Obstruction
***Ovhd Cable new/missing Pier/Dock
Pile/Dolphin Platform
Rock Series of Aids to Navigation
Shoal Sign/Marker
Submerged Cable Wreck
* See the Light List.
** Check GNIS database before submitting.
*** Provide name of Company and Contact information.

Investigative Techniques

Shoreline Surveys

A Shoreline Survey is a comparison of features on or near the shore to those shown on a Nautical Chart. The Shoreline Survey is one of the key activities of the Adopt-A-Chart program and serves as a baseline for all future activity.

A Shoreline Survey is made by cruising slowly along the shore, comparing what is shown on the chart with what actually exists.

Aerial Surveys

It is often possible to make chart corrections based on aerial surveys. There are several ways this can be done.

One of the easiest ways to perform an aerial survey is to obtain a set of aerial photos from a government agency (i.e., US Army Corps of Engineers) and compare these photographs with your adopted chart. This is a great rainy/snowy day project since all your work can be done sitting at a table.

Another way to perform an aerial survey is to take your own aerial photographs of your adopted chart. It is sometimes possible to get assistance on this project from Civil Air Patrol members. Plan which areas of your adopted chart you want to take photos of. Choose a sunny day for the photographs and use a good quality camera. Digital cameras or video recorders can give you immediate results that can be compared with the chart later the same day.

Chart corrections based on aerial photos can help you decide where to perform on-the-water or land based follow up surveys.

Worksheet -- Nautical Features.

Field Guide and Summary -- NAUTICAL CHARTS

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