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Cooperative Charting


CoCh Committee

  R/C Diane M. Julum, JN-IN

Asst Chairman
  Stf/C Thomas J. Peltier, SN-IN

Asst Chairman
  Stf/C Phillip A. Benson, JN

  Barbara Shively

District Reps:

Districts 14 and 29
D/Lt/C Mahmoud M. Abdel-Monem, SN

Districts 9 and 19
Stf/C Phillip A. Benson, JN

Districts 10 and 13
P/C Glen Blake, N-CN

Districts 7 and 17
P/D/C Mack L. Gordy, Jr. AP

District 2
Lt/C Thurston L. Gray, SN

Districts 5 and 6
D/Lt Joanne Hancock, SN

Districts 4 and 26
D/Lt Thomas Hancock, SN

Districts 23 and 32
P/D/C James V. Hardin Jr., JN-CN

Districts 15 and 16
R/C Diane Julum, JN

Districts 11 and 20
D/Lt/C John E. Knapp, SN

Districts 1 and 12
P/C Billy Owens, AP

Districts 21 and 24
Stf/C Thomas J. Peltier, SN

Districts 3 and 33
R/C John J. Rodgers, SN-IN

Districts 22 and 30
P/C Stephen R. Schmidt, JN

Districts 25 and 28
P/D/C Dave Shively, JN

Districts 8 and 27
P/R/C James H. Strothers, SN-IN

Special Technical Asst
  P/R/C Horst Boettge, SN

Special Asst - WEBMASTER
  Lt/C Thurston L. Gray, SN

  Russ Proctor

  Duane Morrison



A Depth Survey produces a series of soundings that can be overlaid on a Nautical Chart and used to verify or supplement charted depth information. A computer program called DEPTH WIZ is being tested by USPS and the results are being evaluated by NOS as a means of updating depth information for chart areas where it is not practical for NOAA survey ships to be used. If you have the equipment to perform Depth Surveys and to use the DEPTH WIZ program, this becomes a valuable addition to the Cooperative Charting Program. For more information on this program, see:

Anatomy of a Depth Survey Part I (435 Kb).

Anatomy of a Depth Survey Part II (5789 Kb).

Anatomy of a Depth Survey Part III (3160 Kb).

Depth Wiz Tutorial (710 Kb).

NOS Instructions -- DepthWiz Surveys (982 Kb).

Worksheet -- Depth Surveys

Nearest Light - A program to find a USCG light list number quickly.

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