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The primary goal of the Communications Committee is to promote and nurture communication among USPS members by providing information, technical resources, and advice to all USPS editors and webmasters who request it. We believe newsletters and websites are excellent marketing tools for increasing both public interest and membership.

This website provides editors and webmasters with basic tools useful in producing quality publications and websites. There is information about Social Media and why it is important. There are resources like an Editors Guide, image sources, and forms used to evaluate publications and websites for the Distinctive Communicator Award (DCA). To be eligible for this annual award, editors and webmasters should know their assigned Adviser and be familiar with evaluation criteria. The DCA evaluation year is 1 January to 31 December for publications and 1 January to 30 November for websites.

Google Images: For USPS-related images search topics like SailAngle, your squadron/district name, or United States Power Squadron (not USPS) for example. Placing cursor over an image displays image type, website of origin, size, name, and whether or not image is registered trademark or copyright protected. Click on image and site will open with the image in the foreground. Right click the desired image (Control Click for Mac) to save or copy.

USPS Flag Images Page: Download Operations Manual Specific image files for use on your website or in any publications. All images are in digital-quality PNG format.

**NEW** Arlington meeting minutes: Arlington meeting minutes are found under "Minutes".

**NEW** Arlington copyright presentation: Arlington copyright presentation is found under "PowerPoint Presentations".

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