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The Squadron Boating Course Slides

Over head transparency masters in PowerPoint file format may be downloaded individually by section or in one comprehensive zipped file.  Use your browser's "save as" function (usually the right mouse button) to download the file and save it on your computer.  The slides have been organized in two categories:  black and white or color.  The size of each file is listed next to the file name.  Every attempt was made to keep the file sizes down to floppy (1.44 MB) sized or less for those files that pertain to specific sections, but the one color slide on "Scope" is the exception since it is too large and couldn't be made to fit on a floppy.  The zipped files are the compilation of all the individual files in that particular section.  Each file name is unique, and indicates what course and section(s) it applies to and whether it contains black and white or color slides.

PDF listings are also available for both the black and white and color slides that correlate the slide number, course section, and title of each slide.  The slide number matches the number on the original CD-ROM.

Black and White slides for the Boating Course, by section:  (No slides for section 1.)

Single all inclusive file of all the Black and White slides for the Boating Course:

Color slides for the Boating Course, by section:

Single all inclusive file of all the Color slides for the Boating Course:

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