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Instructor Development Course CoverCourse Description and Downloads

Course Description

Unlike other USPS courses, the Instructor Development course is not designed to enhance boating skills. Rather, its emphasis is on enhancing presentation techniques and instructor skills. The course has been designed to demonstrate interactive teaching methods focused on adult learning. Students are required to prepare lesson plans and give three presentations to their peers utilizing a variety of teaching aids and presentation skills. The instructor may assign a topic for these presentations or you may use material and PowerPoint slides from existing USPS courses, and they may build on one another.

Note that ALL materials for the Instructor Development 2013 course MUST be downloaded from the Educational Department web site. No Instructor Development 2013 materials are available from the Materials catalog. Also note that to process the required one hour lesson plan to complete ID 2013, an "exam" order for ID 2013 must be processed using the regular on-line ED-33 exam ordering process; no "exams" or other paperwork will be sent to the squadron however.

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Files are downloaded as one compressed file, which you should then expand (unzip) into multiple files on your computer.  Use your browser's "save as" function (usually the right mouse button) to name and save (with a .zip extension) the zipped file on your computer. You must rename the file name extension to .zip before you unzip it so that your computer knows how to handle this type of file. You will need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to read and print the individual SM and IM chapter files after you have unzipped the .zip file. You may also need the latest Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer to view and print the PowerPoint slides in the Presentation files.  See the Educational Department Help page to obtain a free viewer for these slides. If you would like to modify any of the slides to customize your presentation you will need the full MS PowerPoint program.

2013 Instructor Development Course Materials (Updated Sep 16)

Course Part

File Size


Instructions 105KB Explains how to download materials, conduct classes, and order and process "exams" (one hour lesson plans) for ID 2015 (PDF) (Updated 14 Jun 16)
Student Manual 8800KB Complete Student Manual (all PDF files in one zipped file) (Updated 19 Sep 16)
Instructor Manual 1199KB Complete Instructor Manual (all PDF files in one zipped file)
Presentation and Homework Files 8305KB PowerPoint slides for use in class, including homework questions and answers (all PPT files in one zipped file)
Blank Lesson Plan 37KB Word document for use by students in submitting their lesson plans (DOC)
Lesson Plan Evaluation Form 19KB Form used by evaluators, and for instructors and students to use in reviewing lesson plans developed by students in the ID course (PDF) (Updated 27 Jun 15)
Final Evaluation of ID Students 718KB Three examples of successful lesson plans that were submitted by actual students completing the ID course and used with their permission. (PDF) (12 Apr 16)
Introduction Chapter Attachments Attachment 1 - Observation and Discussion Guide for 5, 10 and 15 Minute Presentations (18KB, PDF) (27 Jun 15)
Attachment 2-Checklist for 5 and 10 Minute Lesson Presentations (73KB, PDF) (27 Jun 15)
Attachment 3 - Evaluation of Fifteen-Minute Presentation (54KB, PDF) (27 Jun 15)
Attachment 4 - Guide to Evaluation of the One Hour Lesson Planning Principles (85KB, PDF) (22 Oct 15)
Attachment 5 - Evaluation of One Hour Lesson Plan (129KB, PDF) (19 Oct 15)
Attachment 6 - Certificate of Eligibility (57KB, PDF) (16 Sep 15)

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