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The United States Power Squadrons offer a wide range of seminars and courses on subject relating to boating.

Public Courses and Seminars

The entire menu of USPS University Seminars, Elective, and Advanced Courses is available to the public.  Many of the courses include on-the-water skills which enhance your boat handling and safety.  The method of delivery for the seminars and courses is in consonance with University standards which include self-study, on-line study and traditional class-room instruction.  The seminars and courses are accessed on-line through USPS web sites, various universities and by over 400 local United States Sail and Power Squadrons.  The USPS Educational Department web site includes a listing of Nation-wide scheduled seminar and course offerings.

AMERICA’S BOATING COURSE revision 3 (ABC3) is intended for persons interested in starting boating.  The course includes information on boat terminology, types of boats for the various boating areas, and required Federal and state equipment.  Here you learn about boating safety, Rules of the Road, Aids to Navigation and use of charts.  The course is offered in two versions, an 8-hour program that meets Federal and state requirements for licensure, and a 12-hour version which adds on chart and piloting skills. 

USPS University Seminars are a popular solution to the busy boater with a variety of subjects offered in 2-hour sessions to meet most every boating need.  Want to know more about charts, attend the How to Use a Chart seminar.  Want to know more about electronic navigation, take the USING GPS seminar.  Communications can be easily learned in the VHF Radio seminar.  The number of seminars is over 20 and growing as the demand for more information is grows. 

The USPS University continuum of education goes far beyond the entry level ABC3 and the vast array of Seminars.  Boaters expand their boating knowledge by completing a series of advanced courses which build on one another.  The next step after ABC3 is Seamanship, then Piloting, followed by Advanced Piloting, then Junior Navigation and Navigation. 

Our Elective Courses fill the need for specific education and training.  A very practical WEATHER course allows you to spot that weather change before it ruins your day.  Engine maintenance is full of practical information to keep your propulsion machinery in top condition.  The Cruise Planning course hones your planning skills for that great voyage to the Caribbean.  There is even an elective course for Sailing.

Learning Guides
Information and education on specific boating items such as WATER SPORTS, BOAT INSURANCE, COMPASS ADJUSTING, GMDSS and MARINE RADIO, Introduction to NAVIGATIONAL ASTRONOMY, MARINE AMATEUR RADIO, and many more guides are available at a minimum price.


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