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Flag and Etiquette Committee

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Flag and Etiquette Committee

The USPS Flag and Etiquette Committee (FECom) is the guardian of the traditions of the sea and of USPS. It bears responsibility for matters of procedure and protocol, ceremonies, uniforms and proper display of USPS flags, burgees and pennants. FECom investigates subjects assigned by the Governing Board and the Operating Committee, and makes reports and recommendations to the Governing Board and to the membership-at-large. It responds to questions from districts, squadrons and individual members on any of these areas. Its message is: Do it right.

Committee Members

R/C Donald C. Schult, Sr., AP

Assistant Chair
Stf/C Kenneth T. Perigo, SN

P/C Thomas P. Butler, Jr., AP
P/R/C Charles D. Davenport, SN
D/Lt/C Bill F. Erdmann, SN
P/R/C Frank M. Katz, SN
P/D/Lt/C Billie Kearney, N
James T. Liston, Esq.
P/C Howard A. Sklar, AP

Members Emeriti
P/R/C James C. Acheson, SN
P/R/C Richard H. Jarmon, SN
P/R/C Albert P. Parker, SN
P/R/C Ellsworth J. "E.J." Sacks, SN
P/R/C Barbara Spraggins, AP
P/R/C Joseph A. Tringali, SN
P/R/C Lowell G. "Lew" Ward, SN
P/R/C James A. Williams, JN

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