USPS Web Award Program

The USPS Information Technology Committee (ITCom) has created the USPS Website Award (WebAward) program. The program provides two levels of recognition:
The first is (The USPS Website Recognition Award) for websites that meet the basic criteria of presenting your squadron and USPS to the public and dispersing critical event information to members.
The second is (The USPS Website Excellence Award) for those websites that have gone far beyond the minimum requirements and provide the information in an especially organized, informative and artistic manner that encourages visitors to view all of the information available and be inspired to make contact for additional information.

Neither award is a competition between websites. It is recognition of the webmasters efforts to promote their squadron/district through the use of a website.

This process consists of two parts. First, a group of volunteers organized by ITCom have developed a set of Website Evaluation criteria that describe the elements that have been shown to be useful in making our websites effective communications tools. Second, a group of volunteers, organized by the WebAward Coordinator, visits the websites to determine how well they meet the Website Evaluation criteria. A score sheet has been developed to assist in this evaluation process.

2007 Award Program The USPS Information Technology Committee has announced the recipients of the 2009 Website Awards.

The final results and individual score sheets for all squadrons are available on the ITCom website.

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