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Reach Out USPS ~ Member Involvement Program for Civic Service Programs

For some time now we have expanded the Membership Committee Retention/Involvement Program to include the Youth Team and Community Outreach Programs.  The idea is to encourage our squadron members to get involved with Community Outreach or Civic Service commitments involving families and work with other groups that can use our assistance.  The intent is to expand our membership reach and PR/Marketing base within our communities, while we assist with much needed help in community programs.

There are many ways to do this from cleaning up parks, roads and waterways of trash and debris, formulating and presenting a disaster response (hurricane) program, to collecting Toys for Tots to aide the US Marines. Mentor a Sea Scout Ship or a Boy Scout troop.

Another suggestion is to contact your local schools and have them participate in the National Youth Poster Contest. The national winners will each receive a monetary award.

Contact your National Membership Committee Representative to obtain more information. Go http://www.usps.org/national/membership and follow the links to National Membership Committee Representatives.

Other Suggestions for Community Outreach:

Image of kids wearing life jackets• BoatU.S. Life Jacket Loaner Program - The
Foundation is asking for our
support to find additional
marinas, supervised launch ramps or waterfront businesses to host this program.  Your squadron members can make the connection between the business and Boat/US.  In the process, you may find a new place to teach a course, do VSCs or get a donation, better yet, some new members while you retain those you have!  Reach Out USPS ® members and get involved with your community!

• Encourage your squadron members to get involved in stewardship initiatives that protect the environment and maintain the integrity and cleanliness of our natural resources. Funding is often available for these projects too from area business and national foundations. Check out http://www.boatus.com/cleanwater/grants/ or Take Me
Fishing at www.takemefishing.org/corporate.


Youth Activities Committee Programs Need
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Ideas for Youth Activities (Ideas with no expiration date in MS Word format)

Boy Scount / Sea Scout USPS National Liaison - Contact Cdr Bruce Rodgers, SN

Young Mariner's Photo Workshop idea. - Greenwich, CT Sail and Power Squadron

Two hour lessons on Safe Boating for kids - Greenwich, CT Sail and Power Squadron; Members should go to schools and ask for two hours to give a lesson on one aspect of safe boating. Some can be given in conjunction with the ABC3 course. 
- Practial Experience
- ABC3 - General Guidelines
- ABC3 - PFDs
- ABC3 - VHF
- ABC3 - Hypothermia

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