Boating on Rivers, Locks and Lakes CoverBOATING ON RIVERS. LOCKS, AND LAKES

Can you read a river?  How does a river lock differ from a canal lock?  The United States has over 30,000 miles of improved waterways—some of the finest boating to be found anywhere.  Rivers, locks and lakes introduce challenges not found on other bodies of water.  Discover these challenges, and learn the boating skills you need to safely boat inland waters with confidence.  Each student receives a full color Student Guide especially written for the seminar.

Boating on Rivers, Locks and Lakes may be taken in a squadron-run session or as a fully interactive online learning experience.  Either way, this comprehensive seminar can be completed in 2-4 hours.

What's Included?
  • Special navigation rules for rivers
  • The Western Rivers System of buoys and marks
  • River currents
  • “Reading” a river
  • Jetties and wing dams
  • Intricacies of locking through
  • Communicating with lock masters and bridge tenders

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