Emergencies on Board MaterialsEMERGENCIES ON BOARD

Learn how to adequately prepare for common emergencies and deal with them when they occur.  Gain practical knowledge about accident prevention, running aground, onboard fires, getting lost, towing, and medical emergencies.  A must-have for skippers, this seminar provides valuable skills for anyone venturing on the water. The seminar comes with a full color Student Guide for the seminar. The Emergencies on Board QuickGuide—a handy reference to use in responding to emergency situations—is optionally available.

What's Included?
  • Prevent accidents
  • Make emergency calls and signals
  • Deal with running aground
  • Handle a person overboard situation
  • Put out fires onboard
  • Deal with losing power
  • Deal with medical conditions
  • Deal with steering failures
  • Deal with getting lost

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