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Six elected officers -- Commander, Executive Officer, Eduction Officer, Administrative Officer, Secretary and Treasurer -- are called the Bridge. The Bridge is elected by the membership at a specially scheduled meeting call the 'Annual Meeting' which is normally held in November. In addition to the Bridge, an Asssistant Education Officer, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer are elected along with three members of the Executive Committee. The Bridge also serves on the Executive Committee. Chairmen are elected for the Nominating, Rules and Auditing Committees.
Appointed Officers, called Commander's Aides, are Chaplain, Flag Lieutenant, Auditing Chair, Nomination Chair and any officers the Commander deems necessary to complete the leadership team.
Standing Committee chair, called Squadron Administraive Aides, are also appointed. They chair Boating Activities, Boat Show, Legal, Change of Watch, Cooperative Charting, Flags & Etiquette, Fog Horn Newsletter Editor, Assistant Editor, Gifts & Memorials, Historian, Legislative, Liaison, Meetings & Programs, Member Involvement, Membership, Property & Supplies, Public Relations, Safety, Vessel Safety Check, Yearbook and Website committees.

There are many ways to serve and members are needed to fill several vacancies. Contact the Commander or any officer to volunteer.

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Commander: Nancy Cheris
Executive Officer: Jules deMackiewicz
Educational Officer: Joy Barbara
Assistant: Nancy Cheris
Administrative Officer: Sandy Barends
Secretary: Deb Weaver
Treasurer: Ken Weaver

Executive Committee:
Jon Cheris
Larry Graham*
Kathy Mebus*
Bob Shedden*
* denotes Member at Large

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Sea Vester Chair

Scott Barbara

Area Lieutenants

P/C Dave Barbara, AP
Lynn Hannon
Peggy Sheddon

Join Us!
Kathy Mebus

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